Verizon expects 4G LTE rollout to be complete by mid 2013

Today we heard some interesting news from the guys at Verizon Wireless. While network news and conference calls aren't always that exciting, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo had a few comments regarding their ever expanding 4G LTE network. Today Verizon stated they expect their entire network to be fully 4G LTE compatible by mid 2013 -- 6 months sooner than originally planned.

AT&T and T-Mobile open up networks for victims of Hurricane Sandy

It isn't often we get the chance to write about carriers doing truly amazing things, but today is an exception to that. AT&T and T-Mobile have announced that they will be opening up their networks for customers of both carriers in New York and New Jersey, two areas that have been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Since both companies use GSM and UTSM networks, it means that users will be able to switch between the two networks with no problem.

FCC allows AT&T access to unused airwaves for LTE

Today the FCC has just dropped some good news down on the folks at AT&T. We've seen countless spectrum and airwave transfers and purchases as of late, and now AT&T is getting in on even more action after they've been shopping for extra. Earlier this year the FCC allowed them to transfer some spectrum to T-Mobile after the failed merger, and now some unused broadband airwaves are going to get put to use.

SoftBank aims to purchase Sprint with $23 billion bid

After hearing a few initial rumors early this week, it's becoming clear that the folks from SoftBank are taking a huge interest in one of the United States biggest mobile carriers. The Japanese mobile giant, SoftBank, has issued a bid for Sprint here in the US to the tune of around $23 billion in what appears to be borrowed cash.

T-Mobile updating network and speeding up 4G

T-Mobile loves its unlimited plans and they're one of the few carriers that still have them around. However, while providing unlimited data is certainly a boon, T-Mobile is currently working on improving and restructuring their network, making their 4G speeds even faster and providing coverage in more places.

AT&T lights up 4G LTE in 7 more cities

For those enjoying one of the many impressive 4G LTE capable phones on AT&T we have some good news if you've yet to see LTE in your city. Today AT&T has announced another set of cities getting the upgrade to their fast 4G LTE service. Their rollout hasn't been extremely quick, but AT&T's been picking up the pace as of late.

AT&T rolls out 4G LTE to 7 new cities

AT&T is continuing their 4G LTE network rollout this morning by announcing multiple new locations and cities that will be getting the improvement. They've also announced a few that are getting expansions to better their 4G LTE offerings too. Read on below for full details and city information if you've been waiting for LTE in your area.

Verizon and T-Mobile agree to swap 4G spectrum

Earlier today T-Mobile and Verizon agreed to a large swap and transfer of AWS spectrum for their 4G networks, and now just await an FCC approval. Both parties will be using the exchange to broaden their networks, improve connection, and reach more customers. This is a big step for T-Mobile since announcing their 4G LTE plans after being denied a buyout by AT&T.
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