AT&T announces more 4G LTE network expansions

Today AT&T has confirmed that their continued efforts to increase and rollout 4G LTE networks is moving along quite well. While they still haven't been able to match the speed and frequency of Verizon, AT&T has 4 new markets to grace their 4G LTE network today, as well as 6 locations getting expanded. If you've been waiting for faster speeds and are in Georgia, get excited.

AT&T grabs $1.9 billion in network spectrum from Verizon

Today the two wireless giants have agreed to swap some of their spectrum. Following earnings reports this week from both parties, today the folks from Verizon have agreed to sell off about $1.9 billion worth of network spectrum to their friendly foes at AT&T. The deal will see Verizon transfer 39 700MHz spectrums to AT&T, while gaining some AWS for themselves.

AT&T buys more Alltel spectrum for $780 million

Today AT&T and Alltel announced the plan to swap some more network spectrum in a deal that will net AT&T about 600,000 wireless customers and cost $780 million. AT&T is continuing their efforts to expand and increase their 4G LTE network and rollout, and this is just one of many steps they'll be taking in 2013.

T-Mobile ends 2012 strong with 14 new HSPA+ markets

T-Mobile has been working hard to update and improve their networks with faster 4G HSPA+ speeds. They've been calling it a network refarm or modernization project, and today have announced their largest update yet. Last week we mentioned 3 or 4 cities were getting updated, but today T-Mobile's confirmed an additional 14. More details on where can be found below.

Verizon expects 4G LTE rollout to be complete by mid 2013

Today we heard some interesting news from the guys at Verizon Wireless. While network news and conference calls aren't always that exciting, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo had a few comments regarding their ever expanding 4G LTE network. Today Verizon stated they expect their entire network to be fully 4G LTE compatible by mid 2013 -- 6 months sooner than originally planned.
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