Netflix App Updated to now support Motorola Droid, other phones working too [Update]

It looks like Netflix has just updated the app for Android, it now supports the original Motorola Droid, the G'zOne Commando from Casio, as well as the LG Revolution that just started shipping with Netflix pre-installed. Earlier in May Netflix launched for Android but only with a few devices supported so it is good to see an update come so fast to support additional devices.

Netflix for Android finally released for certain HTC phones and Nexus S

Well, what do we have here. It looks like the LG Revolution wont be getting Netflix for Android first after all. Even though it is the featured phone on the Netflix websites Android section. Today Netflix has announced that they are now offering Netflix for Android coming to select HTC phones, as well as the popular Nexus S. I'm sure they've worked with Google so the S should have been in the list to begin with.

HBO to GO now in the Android Market

A few weeks back, we reported that HBO to GO would be coming to the Android Market. The we didn't know when it would be coming to Android, although it was strongly hinted at May 2nd in their commercials. Well, HBO has released it early and the app is now live. Users who subscribe to the PayTV service can download it to most Android devices.

Epix HD bringing movies to Android phones and tablets

As some movie streaming providers are moving away from Google TV, Epix has gotten closer and are currently available to stream HD movies with Google TV. With other big names and companies like Netflix to still not have a full out app for Android yet, Epix has came to the rescue and plan to release their movie service across multiple devices including Google TV, Android phones and tablets, even the new BlackBerry PlayBook.

HBO coming to Android

HBO is expanding it's reach to subscribers who have Android handsets and tablets. The service, known as HBO Go, is part of HBOs "TV Everywhere" initiative and will be available on both Android (note the Motorola Droid X in the commercial below), as well as iOS platforms. It will enable users to stream content from every episode of HBO original series, as well as hit movies. In addition, Max Go, which is based on their sister network Cinemax, will also be available.

Tablets quickly becoming the new TV

As if the Cable TV companies didn't have enough to worry about, there comes a new global survey to suggest that tablets are rapidly becoming the entertainment device of choice ahead of televisions and PCs. The survey, conducted by Google Mobile, found that 77% of those asked reduced usage of their PCs after buying a tablet computer. Of that 77%, 43% say a tablet has replaced their computers altogether. Additionally, a full 1/3 of those surveyed stated that they use their tablets more often for entertainment than their televisions. Further, 84% state they use their tablets to play games.

Netflix for Android found in LG Revolution Dump

Oh my goodness how big a piece of news an app can become when its been held back from a platform. Netflix is a big deal. I mean a really big deal. Some people (myself included) use Netflix instead of a TV. I can't have Netflix on my Android? That's terrible! But wait, they've discovered a Netflix app inside a system dump of the LG Revolution? Well now lets have a look at it!

Hulu Plus coming to Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Hulu has quietly leaked on their website that their popular subscription streaming TV service will join it's trifecta of Apple platforms with Android access to select OS 2.2 (Froyo) phones. There's no word on which specific handsets are supported, and frankly, does it really matter? If the phone runs Froyo, why should it matter? Well, it may be that the term "select" is to insulate Hulu from the root community out there which is placing Froyo and other Android OS flavors on older handsets.
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