Netflix Android app now supports 4K, Dolby Digital Pass

The new high-end TV industry standard, 4K, may not be that popular yet, given the limited devices that can support it (just for now, hopefully), but eventually, most brands will probably get on board. Netflix is making sure that they're one of the first out the door, as their Android app now supports 4K ultra high density resolution so you can view "all the pixels". The update also brings support for Dolby Digital Plus pass-through and application backgrounding as well.

Netflix’ Social Recommendation features now available for Android

One of the better things that have come out from this whole social network revolution is that recommending things we love to our friends has become easier and faster. The days when we listen to what critics or advertisements tell us to watch or listen to is all but over. One of the biggest pop culture enablers, Netflix, has finally added the Social Recommendation features for Android devices, months after it launched on other platforms.

Netfix app update: grid search, multiple account management

To match with the changes in its web version, Netflix has updated its Android app, showing off a new (and more pleasing) way to search for the movies and TV shows you want. It has also added other new helpful features, like a quick resume notification as well as the ability to manage multiple accounts (well, at least in its most basic function).

Netflix Post-Play now available for Chromecast in US,Canada

When Netflix introduced the Post-Play feature to its Android apps a few months ago, it brought watching streaming videos to another level. It also further established binge-watching as one of America’s favourite hobbies. But US and Canada viewers were unable to enjoy this on their Chromecast, until now that is, as Netflix announced it has finally arrived in North America.

Netflix creates “Orange Is The New App” for hit TV show

To make your mark in the increasingly crowded world of shows on network TV, cable and video streaming sites, a strong social media presence is not just needed but essential. Netflix has a commercial and critical hit on their hands with the prison dramedy Orange Is The New Black and now they are banking on their fan base to grow even more with the new app called, what else, Orange Is The New App.

Netflix’s Post-Play feature now available for Android app

Binge-watching on TV shows available on video streaming services is the new favourite habit of pop culture enthusiasts, according to many media pundits. Netflix, arguably the most popular of all these services, is making it even easier for users to watch one episode after another, by adding the "Post-Play” feature to the Android app for both phone and tablet devices.

Netflix details rate changes for US customers

There had been some recent talk of rate increases for European Netflix customers, and it looks like US customers will also be affected. Netflix recently began alerting US customers about the upcoming rate increase, though it seems current subscribers will be safe for a while.

HBO knows you share your HBO GO passwords, they just don’t care

If you’re not yet a ‘cord cutter’, there is probably a good reason. That reason just might be HBO, where you also have the ability to use HBO GO on your mobile devices. If you were sharing your password with friends, and felt a little sneaky doing so, don’t worry. HBO knows you’re doing it, and they don’t care. In fact, they’re happy about it.
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