Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reportedly in the works

As if three rumored Samsung devices in the same day weren't enough, we're now hearing of a fourth device that's reportedly in the works at Samsung towers. With the Galaxy Note II currently selling like hotcakes, Samsung apparently feels it's time to introduce the Galaxy Note 7 to the world. Yes, Samsung might be planning a 7-inch Galaxy Note - something we've heard before, but today there might be even more evidence to back such a claim up.

Samsung Galaxy S IV pops up in NenaMark 2 with underwhelming specs

We've had no shortage of Samsung Galaxy S IV rumors as we barrel toward 2013, and today we've got another one to toss on the pile. Sam Mobile has uncovered NenaMark 2 benchmark results for the Samsung GT-I9400, which is believed to be the next generation Galaxy S handset. That's certainly exciting, but the problem is that the results show some very disappointing specs for a flagship phone releasing in 2013.

New Galaxy Nexus spotted in Benchmark tests

For now we are going to chalk this up as just a rumor or most likely some spoofed information. What we are seeing is apparently some benchmarks ran of the popular NenaMark2 suite. What makes this unique is the device is being listed as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus -- only with a new TI OMAP 4470 processor with much, much better graphics and a possible speed of around 1.8 GHz. Interesting indeed. Is Samsung about to pull a Motorola and drop another device so soon?

Pantech P4100 1.5 GHz dual-core tablet headed for AT&T suggests NenaMark

We have seen NeneMark benchmark results in the past that reveal all sorts of things and this should be no different. While some may say to take this with a grain of salt NenaMark has been pretty accurate with leaks such as this so far. What we have is an Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet made by Pantech that seems to be around 7" and possibly headed for AT&T. More choices are always welcome so lets dig into the details below.