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LG G2 design shown off in behind the scenes video, tablet prototypes too

LG decided to take a rather different approach to the standard smartphone design with their new G2. Heading away from the usual look everyone is familiar with and throwing the buttons all on the back. It's daring and bold, and certainly not for everyone. However, we found it quite nice in our LG G2 Review. Today the company is giving us a detailed video and look at what went into designing the phone.

Possible T-Mobile Galaxy S III photos show physical home button

Stop the presses! Photos of T-Mobile's Galaxy S III have leaked! And... they look just like the international version. How exciting. Believe it or not, there's some pretty relevant information to be gathered here: Samsung appears to be sticking with the physical centered home button flanked by two capacitive buttons, unlike previous US Galaxy phones that used the standard four-button Android arrangement. We can't confirm that these photos are real, but the cases at least seem to be taken from photos that are distinct from the official international press stills.

HTC One and Sense 4.0’s contextual menu button

More than a few of you have expressed concern over the HTC One's backwards compatibility, what with  it's three capacitive navigation buttons and lack of a menu button, check this out. Paul "Modaco" O'Brien has been playing around with the software headed for the HTC One X, One S and One V, and found out how HTC's UI designers have gotten around this limitation: basically, a virtual navigation area springs up on the screen when needed, doubling down on both virtual and capacitive buttons. The Menu button appears centered, and acts just like it did in Gingerbread-based HTC Sense packages.