NASA asking people to design smartwatch app for astronauts 

With renewed interest in space activities due to the drive-by near Pluto and all sorts of meteor showers, moon-related activities, and all, NASA is looking once again to involve the public, specifically the more tech-inclined people. They posted on a contest and challenge for people to design a smartwatch app that astronauts can use while in space. And it’s not just a matter of getting your design picked. You even get cash reward if you do win the competition.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab releases an app all about the moon

One of the best things about the Internet and the rise of the digital lifestyle is that all those things that you like to nerd/geek about now has a space and a playground for you to play in and to meet other geeks as well. Any topic under the sun (or moon) has its own group, message board, blog, and now, apps. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been creating all these awesome apps for space geeks, and now, it's the moon's turn to, errr, shine.

Rugged Rovers lets you test and design your own space rover

Space travel and exploration is something that will never fail to fascinate humans, regardless if NASA discontinued their space program. And if you're one of those who are pretty much interested in that kind of thing, getting to design your own space rover would be a dream come true. You can actually do that now with a new Android game, even if it's just virtual.

NASA launching more PhoneSats into space

One thing is for certain: you can’t stop science. NASA has sent another small satellite into space, and this one is made from Nexus S parts. They’ve done this before with great interest and success, but this one has a few tweaks under the hood to make it even more interesting. This time, we’ll get the chance to listen in.

NASA put three Android-powered PhoneSats into orbit last weekend

It's been a while since we talked about NASA and its plans to put three Android smartphones into orbit. NASA first announced its plans for the PhoneSats in the summer of 2012. The smartphones at the heart of the small and inexpensive satellites are the HTC Nexus One. If you're wondering why NASA chose such old smartphones to use in the project, it has been in the works since those devices were new.

Check out how NASA gets Android devices ready for space

Late in 2012, we heard that NASA planned to put HTC Android smartphones into as a key component of the small and inexpensive satellite systems. There are a set of rigorous standards that any device that travels into space have to go through to prove that they're durable enough for the trip. If you wondered exactly what getting those Android smartphones ready to go into space required, some new details have now surfaced.

HTC and NASA confirm Nexus One is headed to space in 2013

HTC and NASA have teamed up to launch a few of their powerful smartphones into the outer depths of space. This certainly isn't the first time we've talked about this. Back in 2010 NASA sent the Nexus One to the outer edges of the atmosphere and recorded it all, and we've even seen the Nexus S do similar tasks. Today however HTC is confirming a few details on their aging smartphone making its way to space.

NASA PhoneSat sending Nexus One, Nexus S into space

It's been a big summer for NASA. A few weeks back, it landed the Curiosity rover on the surface Mars, and it announced earlier this week that we'll be going back to Mars in 2016 - this time to find out how the Red Planet evolved. But NASA's upcoming plans don't all have something to do with Mars as some of them, like PhoneSat, will be playing out much closer to home.

NASA offers free sounds you can download for your Android ringtone

This is pretty cool if you are a Space fan and want a cool new ringtone. NASA has announced that it is making some of the iconic sounds from the space program available for people to download and use for whatever they want from ringtones to sounds for their computer. The sounds are now listed on a single page and are broken up into four categories.

Google Nexus S in Space Round 2 [Video]

Lets talk about a different Samsung device for a minute, this is the Google Samsung Nexus S and its made the long trek to space. Back in July we told you about the Nexus S joining the space shuttle Atlantis for its last trip to space. Today the team at Google has updated us with an awesome video clip showing some of the amazing work NASA and the Nexus S are doing so check it out after the break.