MWC 2014

Samsung may release Galaxy S5 at a lower price than the S4

Rumors abound just ahead of MWC, and the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 owns a lions’ share of them. Screen size, specs, and special features all get the wink-and-nudge treatment, but a new report may give us something a bit more impactful to consider. If you’ve stayed away from upgrading a new phone based on pricing, you might not have to with the S5.

Nokia X announcement expected during Mobile World Congress

Rumors related to the Nokia X "Normandy" have been increasing in frequency lately. Speculation had been suggesting the handset would get an official unveil during Mobile World Congress, and while Nokia hasn't offered much in the way of specifics here -- a recent press conference teaser appears to be highlighting an X.

Galaxy S5 ‘confirmed’ with fingerprint scanner on home button

If you were anticipating a fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S5, you might be in luck. The inclusion of a fingerprint sensor has reportedly been ‘confirmed’, with the sensor finding a home on the front of the device. Though a similar application than some other Android devices, the Samsung method for fingerprint utility is pretty interesting and unique.

Huawei promising to “Unlock Possibilities” during MWC

We've heard a bit of rumor about Huawei and Mobile World Congress up until this point. Some of the earlier chatter included mention of a smartwatch, a pair of smartphones, and even a tablet. While Huawei hasn't offered up any sort of specific announcement list, they have recently dropped a teaser video. And interestingly, it appears Huawei is doing the teasing using Siri.

Samsung Galaxy S5 render released, looks squared and modern

Though we’re expecting to see the Galaxy S5 unveiled at Samsung’s event at MWC, new info may hint at just what we’ll be looking at. A rendered image from a trusted source hints at a slightly tweaked hardware design, which could make the S5 a bit more modern. Then again, it looks a lot like another handset we're fond of.
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