MWC 2014

Nokia may have two more Android smartphones after the “Nokia X”

As we get ready for MWC, one of the more highly anticipated announcements comes from Nokia. Not so subtle hints suggest we’ll get an Android smartphone from Nokia this year, but new reports suggest it may not end there. There may be up to three Nokia Android handsets on offer before the close of 2014, with the first coming as soon as May.

Nokia teases upcoming Android handset with a dog and a UFO

A dog, a UFO, and a colorful tree. A space craft, an ‘X’, and a green beam of light. Nokia, Android, Mobile World Congress. All these things go together, as Nokia continues to have a lot of fun teasing us ahead of their MWC 2014 announcement, part of which is likely an Android handset. This time around, we get a fun little picture of a dog under a tree — but what’s it all about?

LG G2 mini revealed with 4.7-inch qHD display and Kit Kat

LG has announced another handset before the official beginning of Mobile World Congress. Last week it was the G Pro 2 and L Series III, and today we are seeing specs for the G2 mini. Though, given the size of the display, this one may not fully live up to the mini part of the name. The LG G2 mini will be sporting a 4.7-inch display. And for reference, that not-so-mini display will have a qHD resolution of 960 x 540.
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