MWC 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tipped via MWC advertising

We'd heard rumblings of larger form factors in Samsung's brand new Galaxy Note family before, but this would seem to seal the deal. A Swedish blogger caught a glimpse of some covered ads prior to Samsung's Mobile World Congress event showing nothing less than the Galaxy Note 10.1, a combination of the ten-inch tablet form factor and Samsung's new pen input hardware and software. There's little to go on at this point beyond the name and a brief, tempting glance at the corner of the device, but there's plenty that can be inferred.

We’re live from Mobile World Congress 2012!

Well folks, we made the long flight across seas and have finally landed here in Barcelona, Spain. I thought it was supposed to be sort of winter but with the sun shining bright and a nice 65º breeze things are looking good already. With good weather we expect a good show and have plenty of details and hands-on coming up shortly.

Samsung Galaxy Beam official with integrated Pico projector

We've heard a lot about integrating docked desktop modes into Android this past week, but here's a smartphone that packs its own external display. The Galaxy Beam isn't Samsung's first pico projector-phone combination, but it's the first running Android, so it's on our radar. The Gingerbread phone packs a 15-lumen lamp capable of displaying up to a 50-inch image into a body that's not too much larger than a standard phone, though the other specifications aren't anything to write home about. The Samsung Galaxy Beam was announced via press release prior to Mobile World Congress, which doesn't officially begin until Monday.

Samsung shows off Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 – Ice Cream Sandwich and not much else

Samsung's first volley of Mobile World Congress press includes and update to their Galaxy Tab flagship, given the rather uninspired moniker Galaxy Tab 2. It'll be one of the first Sammy tablets to run the Ice Cream Sandwich-TouchWiz combination in when it hits world markets in March, but beyond that, it isn't much changed from the model we've come to know over the last eight months. From a design perspective, the front-facing speakers and branding mimic Germany's Galaxy Tab 10.1N - no doubt to throw off the scent for Apple's legal bulldogs.

HTC One X full specs leaked with dual-shutter camera

The HTC One X, formerly the Edge/Endeavor, has been one of the most exposed "secret projects" in recent memory. With all the renders, specs, names, and photos leaked, we though there's be nothing left to know by the time HTC unveils it tomorrow in Barcelona. Not so: FullGSM got their hands on what appears to be the full product sheep. Aside from what appear to be press shots, there's nothing really new - except for a "dual shutter" camera, the purpose of which is to take full 8MP stills while recording video at the same time.

ViewSonic debuts a trio of dual-SIM phones

Thought you'd seen all the pre-Mobile World Congress spoilers you were going to, didn't you? Not so: the normally reserved ViewSonic has busted out with no less than three brand-new handsets, and all of them feature the newfangled dual-SIM architecture that allows a phone to connect to multiple networks and use two separate phone numbers at a time. All three are probably headed to MWC in just three short days. ViewSonic hasn't had the best of luck breaking in to the smartphone game, and they have a habit of revealing concept hardware and never putting it into mass production, so who knows when or if they'll become available.

HTC teases us from Barcelona, claim they’ve unboxed something amazing

The biggest mobile event of the year is about to take place in Barcelona, Spain. We've been talking about it all week so it shouldn't be a surprise. Remember that Android Community will be there live to capture everything from HTC, and everyone else. HTC has started getting prepared for the big event on Sunday and are already teasing us with a few pictures and comments to keep us interested.

HTC One S gallery of pictures also leaked

HTC is set to have a huge Mobile World Congress and according to recent leaks they have a few highly impressive phones coming to market soon. With the new "One" naming we've heard rumors of the One X, One S, and One V. Minutes ago we reported some leaked pictures of the flagship One X, but now we have a full gallery of the 4.3" One S too so check them out below.

HTC One X pictures leak before MWC, looks amazing

HTC's newest flagship smartphone that still has yet to be announced has just been spotted in the wild. Someone was lucky enough to snap a few quick photos of this extremely impressive looking Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich quad-core smartphone. Previously known as the HTC Edge, the HTC One X will be fully detailed and announced at Mobile World Congress in a few short days. Check out how thin and beautiful it looks below.
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