MWC 2012

Sony Xperia P hands-on

Being the middle child often gives someone some emotional scars. But if our first look at Sony's Xperia P is anything to go by, the kid will be alright. Sitting in between the high-end Xperia S and the smaller Xperia U, the P plays the middle ground well, keeping the interesting styling of its big brother while incorporating a more pocketable form factor (and hopefully, a more palatable price). Check out our hands-on photos and impressions of from Barcelona below.

Sony Xperia U hands-on

After a long period of surreptitious peeks, the Sony Xperia U is finally official. This cute little guy is the "baby bear" to the Xperia S and the newly unveiled Xperia P, sitting at the bottom of the line but featuring surprisingly good hardware and styling, including a color-shifting translucent navigation area. After Sony's press conference we hung around to try out the small wonder and came away with some pics just for you. Is the Sony Xperia U "just right"? Decide for yourself below:

Samsung Galaxy Beam eyes-on

A press release doesn't really do justice to a device like the Samsung Galaxy Beam - you've got to see it with your won eyes to do it justice. And while we can't personally fly you to Barcelona for the debut of Samsung's Android smartphone-pico projector mash up, we can do the next best thing and give you some live impressions of the device. Samsung was nice enough to show off the Galaxy Beam - under some pretty ideal conditions, of course - and we were on-hand to check it out. First of all, the Galaxy Beam doesn't pull any punches when it comes to its integrated projector - the little phone's add-on is surprisingly bright and feature-packed. 15 lumens isn't anywhere near what you'd get with a dedicated machine, of course, but it's more than impressive from a device that's not much bigger than a standard smartphone. Point the Beam towards a flat surface - preferably one that's dark and neutrally colored - and you get a display that's big at up to 50 inches, but not overly sharp at 640x480 pixels. A manual adjustment ring helps to quickly focus the image. Samsung claims that the lamp on the inside will last a full 20,000 hours, i.e., much longer than the two-year life of your contract. But as cool a feature as the projector is, you'll have to settle for a decidedly mid-range phone elsewhere. 4.0-inch LCD screen, Gingerbread, 1Ghz dual-core processor and a yellow-on-black color scheme - all are decidedly under the high standards of most Android enthusiasts. On the plus side, the rubberized backing should keep the projector safe ,and the 2000mAh battery should keep it running for few hours at least. Though there's no mention of a time or date, Samsung assures us it'll be ready with a bevvy of accessories for the Galaxy Beam, most notably a portable stand. They also told us that an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich is already in the works. Remember to check our Mobile World Congress portal for the skinny on all the new hardware. [gallery]

Sony Xperia P officially announced

While Sony might not have the massive 7-phone lineup that LG brought to Mobile World Congress, it isn't content with just one, so it brought the Xperia P to keep the little Xperia U company. Previously known as the "Nypon", the Xperia P fits nicely in between the high-end S and the new U to fill out the first trio of devices announced since Sony's absorption of Sony Ericsson.  Sony just announced the phone during its Mobile World Congress press conference, so details are a little light, but it looks like it's running a screen somewhere in the 3.7-4.0 inch range.

Sony Xperia U officially announced

Digging the style in Sony's Xperia S superphone, but need something that doesn't poke out of your breast pocket? Then the Xperia U might be right up your alley. Sony officially announced the diminutive 3.5-inch phone today at Mobile World Congress. The smaller phone keeps the squared-off style and see-through navigation/alert area of the Xperia S, but seems to be saddled with the now-outdated Sony Ericsson branding, even though Sony announced that the two companies have now been officially integrated. Sony says that the final branding will be Sony-only.

LG Optimus L3 L5 and L7 hands-on

It's not all specifications and benchmarks - sometimes you've got to throw a little style into the mix. Such is the case with LG's L-series, the Optimus L3, L5 and L7. These phones take their stylistic cues from the collaboration between LG and Prada, and it shows - their deem, glossy black and angular corners scream "fashion phone" more than any other current Android competitor. But can they hold their own as, well, phones? Read our hands-on form Barcelona to find out.

LG Optimus Vu hands-on

Let the battle of the phablets begin. LG was the first out of the gate with a competitor to Samsung's oversized Galaxy Note, revealing the Optimus Vu in its own press presentation long before this week's Mobile World Congress. But they've brought it along to demonstrate next to the other high-end offerings, and who are we to protest? The phone's unique 5.0-inch, 4:3 aspect ratio screen is certainly large, but it remains to be seen whether it is indeed in charge. Judge for yourself from our hands-on below.

LG Optimus 3D Max hands-on

It's been about a year since we saw any major new hardware sporting the glasses-free lenticular 3D display technology, but LG seems to have  been pleased enough with the Optimus 3D to give it another go. The Optimus 3D Max (AKA the Optimus 3D Cube in some markets) keeps the originals' 3D screen and dual cameras, while adding a larger 4.3-inch panel ,1.2Ghz dual-core Snapdragon processor and upgrading the cameras to 5 megapixels. Here's out hands-on look from LG's Mobile World Congress event.

LG Optimus 4X HD hands-on

After much speculation, LG has finally unveiled its new lineup at Mobile World Congress, and the Optimus 4X HD is right at the front. The new flagship is set to replace the Optimus LTE at the highest end of LG's smartphone offerings, and naturally we took the trek to Barcelona to check it out. The 4.7-inch, quad-core, ICS, 720p monster of a phone has got a lot to love, and significantly boosts LG's place in the high-end race. Check out some hands-on photos and impressions below.

Huawei reveals quad-core Ascend D Quad and D Quad XL

After months of teasing, Huawei's finally pulled the wraps off of its new high-end flagship, the Ascend D Quad. The company intends to play with the big boys by cramming a quad-core processor and a 4.5-inch 720p screen into a svelte 8.9mm Android smartphone - with Ice Cream Sandwich on the side. But what's most interesting isn't necessarily the phone itself: inside you'll find Huawei's own Arm-based quad-core processor, the K3V2. According to Huawei, this new design is both faster and more efficient than Nvidia's Tegra 3, which we were expecting to see - we'll wait until some real-world benchmarks to draw our own conclusions.
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