MWC 2012

Scalado Panorama 360 for Smartphones hands-on

Not everything at Mobile World Congress was hardware related. We saw tons of awesome apps, games, ideas and more and will bring it all to you this week. Today we want to share an awesome panorama technology called Sweep Panorama 360 by Scalado. These same folks recently teased their Remove technology for deleting moving objects from pictures, but their panorama tech is equally impressive.

Google Pod booth tour live from Mobile World Congress 2012

It's hard to overstate how cool Google's digs at Mobile World Congress were. Just like last year they went big and provided a ton of entertainment for all comers, making an unmistakable impression that Android rules in Barcelona. The "Google Pod" played host to dancing Androids, Ice Cream Sandwiches, a moving parade of the latest Android phones and a whole lot more. Of course, not everybody can hop a cross-continental flight just to play around (well, we can, but that's kind of our jobs) so we thought we'd share the experience with you.

Watch Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s MWC keynote speech here

Do you like Android? Want a look at the future of Android, and Google's mobile strategy in general? Got about an hour and change in spare time? The sit back and watch Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt wax philosophical on the current state of mobile technology around the world, and where it's going. Schmidt addressed Mobile World Congress at the pleasure of the GSMA yesterday as the keynote speaker, and while there wasn't any earth-shattering reveal, it's still worth your time if you want to delve deeper int Google's motivations and goals for the platform.

Google’s Mobile World Congress keynote: breakdown

Mobile World Congress isn't all about new phones and tablet,s and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt demonstrated why with his hour-long keynote presentation hosted by the GSMA. Most of if was expended in showing off Google altruistic intentions for getting both technology and connections into developing markets, and Android's a big part of that. In addition to articles here on Android Community on Android penetrating into the featurephone category, lowering entry prices to $70 or less, and Chrome's safety as a browser, we'd like you to check out even more ocverage on our sister site, SlashGear.

Google’s MWC app panders to the obsessive pin collector

"See a pin and pick it up, and all day long, you'll have a pin." This bit of nonsensical wisdom from a famous author seems to have inspired Google's Mobile World Congress efforts, as they're releasing a second series of collectible Android pins at their amazing Mobile World Congress booth. If you're attending the conference and you're a proud pin-head, you might want to download Google's official MWC app. In addition to Android information and general guidance for the Fira de Barcelona conference center, it's got a checklist of all the new pins you can collect - and how many you've already collected.

Eric Schmidt: $70 Android Smartphones coming soon

Pricing of smartphones has always been an issue, especially over the past year with 4G LTE and quad-core processors becoming the standard. While talking on stage here at MWC Schmidt was asked about Android on feature phones and simply said "buy a smartphone." Then continued on and talked about smartphone prices and what we can expect in the future with Android.

Eric Schmidt: Android will match feature phone prices next year

At Google's keynote at Mobile World Congress, a member of the press asked the Chairman when Android would be coming to low-cost feature phones. Schmidt immediately answered with, "Why not buy a smartphone?" Schmidt wasn't being crass, he was pointing out that Android keeps reaching into the lower end, in price if not in power. "Last year's $400 phone is next year's $100 phone," said Schmidt, stating that he hopes and expects Android to enter lower and lower markets as it progresses.

Qualcomm shows off Snapdragon S4’s 3D capabilities

With all the talk of quad-core this and Tegra 3 that, you might have forgotten that Qualcomm still makes the lion's share of Android SOC's out there. Their new Snapdragon S4 dual-core platform is nothing to scoff at, especially since most manufacturers clock it at 1.5Ghz. The company is eager to demonstrate its 3D prowess at Mobile World Congress, both in polygonal and practical. For a demonstration of the S4 MSM8960 they showed off a glasses-free 3D Android machine running at a full 1920x1200 - which has become a lot more relevant, since at least two Asus models will use the S4 processor with that resolution.
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