MWC 2011

VMWare announces mobile viritualization for Android

Today at MWC, viritualization developer VMWare showed off a mobile virtualization option for Android Phones. Mobile Virtualization would allow users to have both a private profile and a business profile operating on a single Android headset with the ability to switch between the two. The advantage is that employees can use the phone they prefer and keep a "chinese wall" between personal apps and enterprise based apps for security reasons. Initially, the virtualization option will be available through LG phones as the software must be pre-installed. There is no aftermarket application download capability. But that will change as more handset makers come on board.

Google announces cloud based video editor for Android Tablets

Today at their Mobile World Congress keynote address, Google's outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt announced the creation of Google Movie Studio, a cloud based movie editor which will allow users to harnass the power of the cloud to edit video, stills, music and effects and then upload it to YouTube with a near instant push of a button. Last year, when Apple announced an iMovie app for iOS 4 devices, the room gave a collective "ooh and aah" of the potential for shooting and editing video on a mobile device. But to do it all in the cloud is brilliant.

App retailer GetJar scores venture funds

Thanks to skyrocketing sales of the Android platform amongst smart-phone users, independent mobile app retailer GetJar has scored $25 million in venture capital from such angels as Tiger Global Management and Accel Partners.  With previous investments, the total amount that GetJar has raised to create a serious Android market outlet has surpassed over $40 million.  The venture funds will enable GetJar to expand sales, marketing and engineering in order to create a leading Android app portal in a rapidly growing retail market of Android based app stores.

Motorola XOOM [Silver Euro Edition] [Hands On and Demo]

We're at Mobile World Congress 2011 at the Motorola presentation and we've been given a very basic rundown of some of the features you'll see with the out-of-box build of Motorola XOOM's user interface. This tablet is of course the one Google worked most closely with as far as Android 3.0 Honeycomb goes, so what you see will for the most part be the most pure version of everything Honeycomb has to offer. NOTE: the tablet this presenter is showing us has clearly been on display for a couple of days, as the screens are filled with videos, widgets, and a ton of instances of the same Honeycomb clock. Very messy!

Meet the Android Community at Mobile World Congress 2011

What's that in the distance? It was extremely difficult and costly, and we did have to pull more than a few strings here and there, but we got what we wanted. A gigantic billboard-sized banner at Mobile World Congress 2011 - right near the entrance, too! We've been gladly doing our diligent coverage of MWC 2011 as our friendly Android friend looms overhead. Would you like to know more?

HTC Desire S [Hands On] [VIDEO]

We're here in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2011 and we've just been to the gigantic, historic, meteoric HTC event whereupon we experienced several brand new devices. One of these devices was the HTC Desire S, an Android handset which we did henceforth grab a hands on of for you. You'll recognize this phone as a Desire instantly, but note the unibody style, the single milled piece of aluminum that makes up the body. Really hot.

HTC ChaCha [Hands-On] [VIDEO]

Essentially just a moment ago we revealed some rather intimate pics of the HTC ChaCha, under a glass case because they're not floor-ready, only hardware ready - and we're not entirely sure of that either. Now we've got a hands-on of both the HTC ChaCha and the HCS Salsa. You may notice that the title of this post only includes the HTC ChaCha - this is because we're not nearly as enthusiastic about the HTC Salsa. That's not to say that there's no value in the Salsa, however, as you're about to see, it's just that the ChaCha has such a nice looking keyboard!

HTC ChaCha [Up Close and Personal]

Both the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa were announced today at the HTC event here at Mobile World Congress 2011. These devices were two of many devices announced at the event, but certainly they're about the be the most talked about. The one we've got here is the HTC ChaCha, with both its physical Facebook button and nicely spaced QWERTY keyboard it's sure to be a sweet contender in the upcoming 2011 higher-mid-tier smartphone wars of English speaking world.

.tel Superbook app now available for Android

Telnic Limited announced at MWC 2011 today that it has now launched the .tel Superbook app for Android smartphones. The app is on the Android Market now and can be downloaded. The app allows the user to integrate their Android device address book with the .tel domain to get real-time access to live contact info.
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