MWC 2011

Marvell Presents Kinoma – Complete Cross Platform Functionality for Every Mobile OS

Have you ever sat there in the airport with your Android device, full internet access and everything, having a drink or a terrible pastry, just cursing the fact that Android doesn't have that one perfect app you saw the other day on an Apple machine? Or perhaps it's the other way around, you've seen the fabulous freewheeling things Android can do with their wild apps and you wish you could do it. Or maybe you're on a Windows phone and don't have either, or better yet, you're using Symbian! What should you do, what CAN you do? Marvell has the answer. An answer that might very well shape the future of mobile OS, believe it or not.

Pretty Girls Prefer non-Android, So Says INQ’s Frank Meehan

Speaking with mister Frank Meehan, INQ's CEO and big bossman, Mashable found that apparently Google wasn't keeping its doors open to the right crowd, instead tending to only a small cross-section of adult males. What Meehan said exactly was: "If you go to a nightclub in any city in the world, the pretty girl has an iPhone or a BlackBerry, she doesn't have an Android phone. She has no emotional attachment to an Android phone. It's too complicated. It's a geek device, it's all wrong." Google! How could you have been so foolish, not tending to the pretty girls!

Texas Instruments Touts Me-D

Earlier this week at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, we bore witness to a lovely presentation by Texas Instruments on their current plans for the future. This presentation was accompanied by a device running OMAP4, sending picture through HDMI to a projector, all of this controlled by gesture (for example, when anyone from the group wanted to move to the next slide, all they had to do was swoosh their hand through the air over the device containing the images.) One of the keywords that stuck out during this presentation was "Me-D" or Me-Dimension.

Atrix 4G Full System Dump Here and Now

You've heard the rumors, you've seen what it can do - if you were at Mobile World Congress 2011, you even held this lovely phone in your hands. But it's not released yet, oh no! What could a person do if they wanted a phone's contents before the actual release of the phone? Why they'd look for a system dump, of course, and that's just what we've got for you here, courtesy of leaker "Jabthtut," who is clearly wise and powerful.

Kal-El NVIDIA Chipset Benchmarked Against Core2Duo and Tegra 2

Unless you've been living in an opaque bubble for the past few days, you'll be completely aware that NVIDIA held a meeting in which they revealed a roadmap into their future, all the way to 2014 where their chipsets will be somewhere around 100x more powerful than they are now. But what about now, you ask? What would happen if they released their newly announced "Kal-El" quadcore right this moment and set it up against the other sets available today? Funny you should ask.

Why These Two Android Phones will Change Everything

Before we begin, have a look at two phones - one, the LG Optimus 3D, and two, the HTC ChaCha (aka one of the several Facebook phones to reveal themselves in the past 40 or so hours.) Alone, these phones have chances of becoming popular phones for a while, maybe a few months of bigtime sales, then on to the next one, if you take my meaning. But what these two phones being released at relatively the same time means is that the social aspect of mobile has entered the hardware realm.

Sony Xperia Play not exclusive to Verizon

Sony CTO Jan Uddenfelt has confirmed that the new Sony Xperia Play phone will not be exclusive to Verizon and that AT&T could launch the phone later this year. Working closely with Google to develop the gaming aspects of the new PlayStation cellphone may have given Google's partner Verizon the inside track to launch the phone. However, Sony believes that the U.S. is a leading smartphone market in the and wants to keep it's options open and only expand it's reach. In addition, armed with a new focus on the importance of keeping their phones up to date, Sony-Ericcson is expanding it's research and development to keep it's phones on the cutting edge.

doubleTwist Android Sync System [DOUBLE DEMO] [VIDEOS]

Here at Mobile World Congress 2011 we've had a meeting with several doubleTwist reps including Stuart Collingwood (Vice President, EMEA,) and Monique Farantzos (Founder, President.) In this meeting we've been told wonderous things of a future where syncing your Android with your desktop is as simple as pressing a single button, and in many cases not pressing a button at all. Before we even continue in this post, I recommend you grab the app and the desktop client from and get to freaking out. Then lets have a peek with video demos into the future with some demos below so you can see the simplicity if you aren't already completely convinced.

Androidify Shines at Official Google Print Station [Hands On] [VIDEO]

After you see the results of the two most important people at the Google Pod during Mobile World Congress 2011, you'll definitely want to take the Androidify app to the next level. The two most important people at the Google Pod, of course, where the people sitting at the printers on the second level of the stand, helping people who'd created masterpieces get them printed out to sheets of stickers. Ever so helpful and witty, full of jokes from start to finish.

Android Toy Series 2 Secret Figure #1 [SPOILER]

I warn you! Before you venture any further, be aware that the DYZ Plastic designer toy you are about to see is extremely cute, and definitely not for the weak or heart. Next let me warn you that this is one of the figures from series 2 of the official Google-licensed vinyl toys, and you might be ruining the surprise for yourself! Third, let me gloat in saying that we, or I, rather, have this toy before the series is even officially on sale yet! Hooray! Now let's get to peeking! And note that you could get your own courtesy of Android Community very soon!
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