MWC 2011

  • HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa Leak Final Software Builds

    Remember all the way back to Mobile World Congress when these sassy little monsters were first revealed? It was a fine February morning when the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa Facebook phones were first revealed. We had the briefest of

    May 23, 2011 • Views: 559

  • SPB Shell 3D Review [Home Screen Replacement]

    Welcome to your first – no, second glimpse of a home screen replacement that you’re going to basically flip out over – the first look you got was back when we were hanging out at Mobile World Congress 2011 in

    March 30, 2011 • Views: 1753

  • LG Thrill 4G Hands-On

    Whilst having a nice bite to eat at an AT&T event this past week at CTIA 2011, we were given the opportunity to check out the brand new LG Thrill 4G, a 3D capturing and sharing handset that’ll be released sometime this

    March 26, 2011 • Views: 315

  • HTC Incredible S blushes on Danish site

    There’s a listing of a sexy HTC Incredible S in Red trim on the site of a Danish electronics retailer. Aside from it’s Fire Engine red paint scheme, there’s nothing different from it’s official variant.

    March 18, 2011 • Views: 712

  • HTC Flyer Available for Pre-Order at Clove, Coming April

    All of you looking forward to the lovely bright and cool HTC Flyer Android tablet coming soon to a single hand near you can rejoice and be happy, Clove in the UK is currently taking pre-orders. They note that the device will be

    March 16, 2011 • Views: 275

  • Looking Forward to a Very Android Experience at CTIA 2011

    Have a look, if you will, at the tiny sampling of the booty we beheld back at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona. It was there that we witness the real wave of Android coming forward to meet the world, there we saw one

    March 14, 2011 • Views: 229

  • Samsung Galaxy S II hits the FCC

    Looks like Samsung has just sent over the Galaxy S II to the FCC. If you haven’t seen much about this phone you should most definitely look over a few of our hands on. It is a beautiful phone that is sure to make a huge

    March 13, 2011 • Views: 300

  • HTC Incredible 2 with Verizon Branding Found [SAME AS INCREDIBLE S]

    You know how sometimes there’s a phone in one country and they call it one thing, then there’s that same phone in a different country and they call it something else? That sort of thing is happening right now with

    March 12, 2011 • Views: 586

  • ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Dual-Boot Android / Windows 7 Tablet Available Today

    Behold the ViewSonic ViewPad 10 dual-boot tablet that allows you to work in either Android 1.6 (weird!) or Windows 7 on demand. This device runs a 10-inch 1024 x 600-pixel touchscreen display, 1.66GHz Intel Atom processor, has a

    March 8, 2011 • Views: 579

  • HTC ChaCha Considers an Additional Cha for ChaChaCha

    Oh my goodness this is just silly. Apparently, according to HTC’s spain Twitter account, they’ll be marketing the HTC ChaCha as the HTC ChaChaCha. There are several reasons why this could be happening. The first and

    March 3, 2011 • Views: 557