Android Market now showing Google Music, no update needed

Google Music support and purchases was just announced at the "These Go to Eleven" event by Google yesterday. As I'm sure many of you already are well aware of. Many of us scrambled to test the new goodies and updated to the Google Music v4.0 app but that is just the music player. We can now search, preview, and buy music right from our Android phone but I'm sure many are wondering how since it's still not available in the market. Apparently it is rolling out in stages because a few of us have full access, while most don't.

Google Music gives indie artists a direct sales platform with Music Hub

Music labels are so 20th century. As a company that's thrived in the 21st, Google understands that, and if Google Music is any indication, they're embracing it. The new Artist Hub allows anyone to post their music to Google Music and the Android Market for free, with a host of tools for managing and sharing content. All together, it makes Google Music and Android a pretty amazing platform for indie artists to share and expand.

Spar Zephyr Bluetooth speaker jams out to music, charges your phone

We have an awesome new accessory for Android devices to tell you about today. A company called Spar has just announced three new Bluetooth speakers in a new line called Zephyr. They'll be offering the Zephyr 550 (biggest of the bunch) with 30 hours of playback, the Zephyr 500 with 18 hours of playback, and the 300 offering 12 hours and all of this from a single charge. What makes these special you ask? The Zephyr will also charge your device via USB port when needed or while you're on the go.

Google Music Store Market screenshots leak, Free song of the Day and more

Users in the world of Android have been waiting for a full on music solution for what seems like ages, but come this Wednesday that might be exactly what we all finally get. We've just received some leaked screenshots showing a Google Music store in the Android Market, just like Movies and Books. The screenshots appear to be an early build or at least similar to what we can expect Google to announce at the "These Go to Eleven" press event this Wednesday.

SoundHound offers usage metrics for the first time

Last month SoundHound launched a new update for its Android app that brought the app some fixes and a nice new feature. The new feature was the inclusion of LiveLyrics to the mix. At the time, I wondered how many people actually used SoundHound and the company has now offered up some usage stats. This is the first time that SoundHound has offered any insight into how used its app is on the iPhone and Android platform.

Google Music Store will have “Google in it” says Rubin

We have been hearing rumors for a while now that Google was hard at work on its own MP3 music store. Google does have its music streaming cloud service that lets the user upload tunes they already have to the cloud. We also know that Google had worked to get a music store open in the past, but that ultimately failed to happen.

Spotify Premium Members reach 2 Million Mark

If there was any doubt that Spotify would continue its crushing blow to the top of the streaming music world, today might well be the last time such a doubt was spoken. What we've learned, straight from the source of course, is that the Premium service that's available with Spotify streaming music service has now reached and broken the 2 million person mark. This means that over 2 million people are now paying to have the full Spotify service on their phones and in their homes - is this fantastic for a group that started out only across the pond back in 2009?

Klipsch unveils Image S4A Headphones for Android

A lot of the time when you are in the market for a set of headphones to use with your smartphone the inline remotes are designed to work with iOS devices only. Klipsch has unveiled it's first set of headphones made specifically for the Android users out there. The headphones are called the Image S4A Headphones for Android. The headphones have an inline remote and sell for $99.99.