Spotify Premium Members reach 2 Million Mark

If there was any doubt that Spotify would continue its crushing blow to the top of the streaming music world, today might well be the last time such a doubt was spoken. What we've learned, straight from the source of course, is that the Premium service that's available with Spotify streaming music service has now reached and broken the 2 million person mark. This means that over 2 million people are now paying to have the full Spotify service on their phones and in their homes - is this fantastic for a group that started out only across the pond back in 2009?

Klipsch unveils Image S4A Headphones for Android

A lot of the time when you are in the market for a set of headphones to use with your smartphone the inline remotes are designed to work with iOS devices only. Klipsch has unveiled it's first set of headphones made specifically for the Android users out there. The headphones are called the Image S4A Headphones for Android. The headphones have an inline remote and sell for $99.99.

SoundHound Infinity only $1.99 on Amazon App Store [Deal]

Occasionally when I'm not snagging one the free apps of the day from the Amazon App Store I check out the deals they have running. This week they are offering the popular music tagging service SoundHound Infinity for only $1.99 instead of the usual $4.99 price tag. The blazing fast music recognition capabilities of SoundHound make it a must have application and ever since I got it free from Amazon I've never used Shazam.

Sony Ericsson Live Walkman Announced, Runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread

The Walkman brand I'm sure many of you used back in the days isn't dying out anytime soon. The folks at Sony plan to keep it chugging along and today they have announced a new Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman handset running the best OS around, Android of course. Thinking back on the huge Walkman disk player I carried around in my younger days before the iPod was fun, but the 128 CD carry case I also tugged around wasn't. Now we can just throw all that music on a micro SD card and throw it in the new Live Walkman smartphone.

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman Smartphone Officially Announced

The last time we were speaking about a Walkman Android device, it was the Sony Ericsson W8, a rather boxy looking device with three Android buttons on the bottom, a Sony Ericsson skin over an unbelievably outdated Android 2.1 Eclair, and the ability to be dubbed with the legendary tag Walkman. What we've got here today is a much more viable release in the "Live with Walkman", a device launching with the newest Android 2.3.x Gingerbread and working like a magical music machine, complete with Spotify gracing its first press release image - will this be the first device to launch with Spotify built in?

Google Music Beta Introduces Magnifier, Giving Away Free Music

Since the launch of Google Music we haven't heard much and it still is currently in beta. Now Google aims to flex some of that music muscle because they have just launched a new blog called Magnifier. The music blog will not only have future Google Music updates but will also highlight new and upcoming artists, give away free music and be a place people can find new and upcoming music they'd never usually find.

Official: Spotify Coming to U.S. Tomorrow

Spotify is the extremely popular and award winning digital music service millions of Europeans use every day, and tomorrow morning Spotify is announcing it will be available for the U.S finally. We heard it was coming and they have a great Android app to go along with it, but this is official news and I am excited. My co-workers in Europe love spotify and use it daily.

Voloco music/voice processing app is bizarre offspring from creepy controller [Video]

What do you mean, you've never wanted a springbok-horn decorated, motion-sensing music controller glove? The musos at Jazari would be disappointed with you, though you can probably make it up to them by downloading their new Android app, Voloco. Voloco is basically a real-time automatic tuning, pitch-shifting and vocoding app, based on Jazari's custom vocal processing software as shown in action in the video below. Load up a song from your phone's music library and it will automatically identify its tuning; you can then record your own mangling efforts. Unfortunately, it won't let you control a vast array of percussion instrumentation simply by moving your hands. That will have to be left to the experts, as in the somewhat bizarre video below. You can download Voloco free from the Android Market. [youtube f5DgC-SOXmU]

SoundHound creators offer new app called Hound

The developer behind the app SoundHound app that we wrote about last in December 2010 has announced a new app for Android users. The new app is called simply Hound and is a voice search app for music. Users of the full version of the SoundHound app on the Android Market have noted in the reviews for Hound that the full version of SoundHound already has voice search. This is apparently aimed at people that don’t want to spend the $4.99 on the full version, but want voice search.

Notifications Windows Music Controller Demo on LG Optimus 3D

Have you seen this little piece of candy before? It's a cool little audio track controller present in the notifications pull-down menu on the LG Optimus 3D. It controls the music you're playing with your stock music player and, since Music Beta force closes when you try to open it on LG Optimus 3D, that's pretty much it. It does see album cover art, and does display that, then plays the track, whichever track you want to play.
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