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Spotify music streaming heads to Australia and New Zealand

The popular digital music streaming service Spotify that we love here at Android Community is headed to a few more countries. Starting today Spotify will be available in Australia and New Zealand for users to enjoy their wide array of over 16 million songs instantly on their Android phones, tablets, PC's and more.

CyanogenMod 9 continues custom apps with expanded music player

The CyanogenMod family of custom ROMs has always been popular for its speed, stability, and not least its tweaked additions to the core Android experience. You can get a taste of CyanogenMod 9, the Ice Cream Sandwich release, with the customized Trebuchet launcher app. But that's certainly not the only thing Steve Kondik and his army of coders is cooking up. The new ROM will have a brand-new Music player app, with a considerable amount of extra functionality.  

Google butts heads with the RIAA over MP3 Music Download Pro

MP3 Music Download Pro, currently sitting pretty at #4 in the US Android Market's Free Apps sales list. This is a bit of a thorn on the side of the Reichstag Recording Industry Association of America, because in the right light, taking all things into account, calling a spade a spade and generally telling it like it is... it's a piracy app. When asked to remove it from the Market, Google refused, stating that the application could be used to download legal music as well.

Voloco music/voice processing app is bizarre offspring from creepy controller [Video]

What do you mean, you've never wanted a springbok-horn decorated, motion-sensing music controller glove? The musos at Jazari would be disappointed with you, though you can probably make it up to them by downloading their new Android app, Voloco. Voloco is basically a real-time automatic tuning, pitch-shifting and vocoding app, based on Jazari's custom vocal processing software as shown in action in the video below. Load up a song from your phone's music library and it will automatically identify its tuning; you can then record your own mangling efforts. Unfortunately, it won't let you control a vast array of percussion instrumentation simply by moving your hands. That will have to be left to the experts, as in the somewhat bizarre video below. You can download Voloco free from the Android Market. [youtube f5DgC-SOXmU]

music beta by Google Full Guide

Behold "music beta by Google," a new version of their Music Player app that you know so well. Note though, and don't be fooled: this isn't just a simple music player. It's a whole new ecosystem from browser to desktop to handheld device (and tablets, of course.) It all begins in your browser - signing up is as easy as logging in with your G-Mail account and you've instantly got the ability to grab free tracks (promoted tracks of course, you get to choose the genre,) followed by an available download of the app Music Manager for your desktop. Watch out iTunes, here Android comes.

Samsung GALAXY Player 50 Hero Ads [Review]

Take a peek at this series of ads or single ad with a Choose Your Own Adventure style twist, however you look at it. They start with a supposed CCTV view of a convenience/grocery store with a handful of people in it, just shopping - then WHAM! In comes a couple of terrible robbers come in with guns! Oh my gosh! Who will save the day? You guessed it - the brand spanking new mobile music player GALAXY Player 50!
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