DUAL! multiplayer game lets you shoot bullets across two screens

Multiplayer games being played over Bluetooth connectivity on two or more mobile devices are nothing new. The only challenge for people who enjoy playing such is finding a game that is really fun and enjoyable to play with another person. Developed by Seabaa, DUAL is a new local multiplayer game that involves two players to shoot bullets. No, not real bullets coming from guns but just bullets seen on two screens. You can either play a DUEL or DEFEND mode depending on your mood. Choose to be competitive in a duel or cooperative by defending your base.

XCOM: Enemy Within takes its turn on Android

2K Games has just released the expansion to the hit AAA PC game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which also ventured into Android last April. Fans of the franchise will probably fall for this game as well, as it brings the game into a handy mobile size. But make no mistake, XCOM: Enemy Within isn't a dumbed down version, though graphics are, of course, less detailed. The game offers you everything that the larger PC version does, and even adds a multiplayer option to boot.

Galaxy on Fire – Alliances now ready for Android gamers

We haven’t featured any games from Hamburg-based game studio Deep Silver yet but the Android version of the Galaxy on Fire – Alliances deserves our attention. Why, this new strategy game has recently taken New Zealand, Australia, and Canada by storm. It quickly became a popular app in the said countries where it was released prior to the major launch this week.

SoulCraft 2: League of Angels now out for Android

It would be an understatement for us to say that MobileBits’ first SoulCraft game was a success in terms of showing mobile platform gamers what was actually possible in terms of graphics and gameplay for Android and casual games. But don’t look now, MobileBits is out with its second RPG/Action game in SoulCraft 2: League of Angels, which serves as the logical sequel to the impressive first SoulCraft game.

Gameloft releases UNO & Friends multiplayer for Android

Who's ready for a little Draw 4 or reverse cards while playing UNO & Friends live with your buddies on Android? Today the popular game publisher Gameloft released UNO & Friends to the Google Play Store, and it's full of multiplayer game action and more. Sadly it doesn't use the new Google Games integration, and instead will be synced to Facebook.

Gameloft reveals UNO & Friends multiplayer for Android

Gameloft is totally a fan of UNO, and they've offered a version on Android for some time now. Today though, the folks from Gameloft have just released the official launch trailer for the all-new UNO & Friends cross platform multiplayer game that is coming soon. It will be available on Android, iOS, and Facebook and we'll all be able to compete together.
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