Blu-ray digital copies coming to Android

Hollywood seems to be embracing the Android as a media consumption device as Blu-ray titles have started to come with digital copies of movies optimized for playback on the Android. For awhile now, iPhone users have been able to purchase their favorite movies and have a digital copy code that allows them to download an mp4 through the Internet for viewing on their mobile device. But starting today, with the purchase of a Blu-ray copy of the movie Unstoppable, users can get an Android copy as well.

Angry Birds RIO Coming Soon! [With Movie Tie-In!]

So GET THIS - the next version of Angry Birds is still most likely going to be the Valentines Edition since that day lies behind the projected release of this one, but this one seems a bit more exciting: Angry Birds RIO. Do you know what RIO is? It's an animated movie along the lines of ICE AGE. Does this mean there will be some Angry Birds in the movie? Let's ask Peter Vesterbacka, aka Mighty Eagle at Rovio.
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