Reminder: Rooted Devices Can’t Watch Rented Movies with New Market

Yesterday Google unveiled the new Android Market and just about as quickly as we all heard the news, it was leaked to the interwebs and we all jumped on it and tested out the new Market. If you've yet to try the new market download it here. It brought some exciting new things such as movie and book rentals as well as a fresh new user interface. In case you forgot though, this is a reminder that rooted devices cannot watch rented movies so don't waste your money.

Google Updates Android Market, Now with Books and Movies

Google just announced that Market overhaul they promised us at Google IO. Not only is their going to be a revamped UI, and new features to help find the best apps, but Google's Videos app is now here for phones, and movies and books can be rented or bought respectively from the Market.

Android Market movie rental service being blocked on rooted devices

This is a surprise to read and hear. From Google, Team Android, and everything being "open" this sure looks to be a little different. Obviously Google makes all the rules, and we talked about that in the Skyhook case, but this latest bit of news comes as a bit of a shocker. All we have is a comment on a Google Support page so this may not be completely true, hopefully its not.

Epix HD bringing movies to Android phones and tablets

As some movie streaming providers are moving away from Google TV, Epix has gotten closer and are currently available to stream HD movies with Google TV. With other big names and companies like Netflix to still not have a full out app for Android yet, Epix has came to the rescue and plan to release their movie service across multiple devices including Google TV, Android phones and tablets, even the new BlackBerry PlayBook.

Android Market to Add Music, Movies, and Books [UPDATE: Books Already Active in Honeycomb]

Anyone with their eyeballs on the mobile market as a whole wont be too surprised at the tip we've just received on a few URLs hidden in the framework of the web-based Android Marketplace. As you may already know, you can now access the Android Market by heading over to - this version of the market allowing you to download apps directly to any number of devices you choose, all of this over the air. What you might NOT know is that there are several URLs currently functioning that point toward a potentially gigantic growth potential in the market in several new forms of media for Google.

Blu-ray digital copies coming to Android

Hollywood seems to be embracing the Android as a media consumption device as Blu-ray titles have started to come with digital copies of movies optimized for playback on the Android. For awhile now, iPhone users have been able to purchase their favorite movies and have a digital copy code that allows them to download an mp4 through the Internet for viewing on their mobile device. But starting today, with the purchase of a Blu-ray copy of the movie Unstoppable, users can get an Android copy as well.

Angry Birds RIO Coming Soon! [With Movie Tie-In!]

So GET THIS - the next version of Angry Birds is still most likely going to be the Valentines Edition since that day lies behind the projected release of this one, but this one seems a bit more exciting: Angry Birds RIO. Do you know what RIO is? It's an animated movie along the lines of ICE AGE. Does this mean there will be some Angry Birds in the movie? Let's ask Peter Vesterbacka, aka Mighty Eagle at Rovio.
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