Google Play Books and Movies now available in Brazil

Our good friends at Google have been hard at work bringing many of their music, books, and movies options to multiple parts of the world and today they've added one more. Overnight Google rolled out their Play Store Books and Movies to Brazil, and let everyone know with a quick post to Google+. Sadly Brazil is still waiting for Google Music, but this is the first step to bringing them more of Google's services.

Predators the Game by Fox Entertainment on sale in the Play Store

If you're a fan of the popular Predator Movie series, or just love classic games for Android we have an awesome one worth mentioning today. Brought to you officially by Fox Digital Entertainment is the official Predators game for Android. It's tons of fun and today is on sale for just $0.99 for those interested.

Scarface the game lands on the Google Play Store

Say hello to my little friend! Ladies and Gentleman, Scarface has landed for Android. I'm Tony Montana! What we have here is a game developed by the company Fuse Powered, and is a multiplayer game in collaboration with Universal Partnerships. One of the most epic movies from the 80's has been turned into a blood and money thirsty MMO game for Android with over 96 missions and more. I'm getting excited.

Google Play Store hits 25 billion downloads, celebration sale ensues

Android users have been frequenting the Google Play Store in a big way, with Google announcing that the store has hit 25 billion downloads. That may not seem like a big deal when you remember that the Apple Store hit 25 billion downloads earlier this year, but it's important to keep in mind that back in 2010, the Google Play Store was only at 1 billion downloads. That's a pretty significant jump in user activity (and, by extension, consumer adoption of Android), so it's only fitting that Google kicks off a new promotion to celebrate this milestone.

Total Recall game launches for Android

Who's ready for Total Recall? We might not have Arnold Schwarzenegger this time around but the popular 90's movie is ready to take center stage again. The studio Jump Games has just launched what they are calling the official Total Recall game for Android and iOS. The graphics are neat, and it features a futuristic and unique look and feel -- just like the movie.

Netflix for Android updated with improved video streaming

The official Netflix for Android has received a rather minor update this evening. While the update is pretty small it does promise an "enhanced playback experience" for phones and tablets, and even an additional installation method for those that might be having issues. Check out all the details after the break.
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