Thor: The Dark World game for Android teased by Gameloft

This weekend at Comic-Con Gameloft and Marvel announced the next hit game for Android to follow along with their successful partnership. Following along with the movie coming later this year, Thor: The Dark World for Android will be coming from Gameloft and today we're getting an exclusive first look.

Pacific Rim game for Android surfaces on the Play Store

The hotly anticipated Pacific Rim movie hits theaters tomorrow, and I'm already planning which IMAX theater I'll be going to. Just a day before the release, the popular developers from Reliance Games have just released the mobile game to go along with the film. It might contain spoilers, so you might not want to play until after you've seen the summer blockbuster.

Man of Steel brings his superhero power to the Play Store

Last week we learned that along with the new Superman movie, Warner Brothers would also be releasing a game to go alongside the new release for Android. If you aren't a movie aficionado, Superman: Man of Steel hit theaters today in the USA, or late last night for those hitting the midnight showing. And for you fans, the game did too.

After Earth game brings another endless runner to Android

Earlier today we mentioned a game being released to accompany the movie with World War Z, and now we're seeing the same thing for the upcoming action film After Earth. Will Smith style and all. In a partnership with Sony Pictures, the team at Reliance Games is releasing a new game for Android and other mobile devices, called After Earth. It's basically an endless runner but it actually could be pretty fun so take a peek below.

World War Z blockbuster brings the zombies to Android

While we already have enough zombie-inspired games on Android, today one was released by the popular Phosphor Games Studio in collaboration with the upcoming movie starring Brad Pitt, World War Z. There's some impressive looking movies coming out in 2013 (like Superman) but I'm oddly excited for World War Z too, even if the title is god awful. However, we now have a pretty stellar looking game to play at the same time.

Fast & Furious 6 the game coming soon to Android

Who is ready to race? As if making a 6th movie wasn't totally overkill to begin with, it looks like there will also be a game coming along for the fast-paced ride too. If you're a fan of the Fast & Furious movie franchise there will be a game released right alongside the movie for your enjoyment. Check out the trailer below.

Google Play Movies update brings info card support on tablets

Google Play Movies has recently been updated and amongst the new features is one that will be available only for tablet users. The tablet specific change brings info card badges. Basically, those watching with the Play Movies app will now be able to press pause and get details about the movie. The information will include goodies such as details about the actors, related films and even what song happens to be playing in the movie.

Redbox Instant opens for streaming

Coming off of what was an invitation-only beta period, Redbox Instant is now available for the pubic. At this point the invitation is no longer needed and signing up requires nothing more than a visit to the Redbox Instant website. Well, that and the action of actually signing up. We should also give the warning right from the beginning, there is a free trial available, however you will need to provide some credit card details in order to get started.

Google Movie ‘The Internship’ debut trailer released

Yesterday the folks from Google teamed up with the co-stars from Wedding Crashers Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn and held a Google+ hangout session. It was hosted by the one and only Conan O'Brien to debut the official trailer for their brand new movie. It isn't Google's movie but it's what many are now calling the "Google Movie" and both stars will be playing interns at Google.
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