New Moto G (2015) video ad leaked

We're counting the days until the 28th as Motorola is going to unveil the new Moto G. It's already the 3rd-generation so we're interested to know how the Lenovo-owned company is making this any different from the previous two models. Not that we're expecting a lot from the next flagship but since we've been hearing a lot of rumors and have been seeing a number of leaked images, we want to know the truth as quickly as possible.

MotoMaker options for upcoming Moto G leaked

The release of the third generation Moto G (together with other Motorola goodies like the new Moto X and a 2nd gen Moto 360) is just a few days away, and so the rumors and leaks are at an all-time high. The new information we’ve been able to get today is thanks to @evleaks, and it’s all about the different options, mostly regarding color, that people will be able to have if they buy the new Moto G through the MotoMaker.

Next Moto X to have a front flash, might have a fingerprint sensor

More rumors, leaks, and images are expected to be seen especially that Motorola's July 28 announcement is getting closer. We've seen a number of purported images of both the Moto X and Moto G already but we're still not sure which of them are for real or fake. We already know there's going to be a 3rd gen Moto G as we already mentioned more than a week ago and that it will be unveiled in Brazil also on the 28th.

Motorola Moto Hint Bluetooth headset 2nd gen now on Best Buy

Motorola released their very own Bluetooth headset last year together with the new Moto X. Calling it the Moto Hint, it was a good ergonomic fit for our ears and it was tiny enough to not call much attention to itself. However, there was one major problem with it: the audio connection wasn’t great at all, which kind of defeats the purpose of the device. But now, the OEM has quietly released the second generation Moto Hint, and they say it should be better with the new technology they used for it.

Possible new Motorola Droid leaked

It’s right about time for us to be talking about what Motorola has up its sleeve, after all the big boys have shown their cards. Right about now, people are probably talking about what this new leaked image by Hong Kong-based Moto fan page “Hellomotohk” is. Will this be the new Droid coming out? Motorola has been relatively successful with its Droid line recently, so people are getting excited to know what the next one in line will be like.
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