Motorola CEO talks customization, low cost devices

You know hat we love here at Android Community? The Moto G. It’s not the best phone we’ve ever tested, and certainly not the prettiest, but it strikes a nerve. Appropriately priced, and actually really nice for day-to-day use, the Moto G is one we recommend a lot. Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has hinted that the Moto G may not be the end of their low-price push, either.

Scratch Wireless WiFi-first wireless service opens

Scratch Wireless first arrived several months earlier when they announced plans to fight the other, "too expensive" cellular service options. They are an MVNO style carrier and will be going on the premise of using WiFi first. Well, while the service first launched as an invite-only offering, they have since shifted and are now open for any and all that wish to check it out.