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Android 3.2 will Feature Zoom to Fill Screen Option

Android 3.0 Honeycomb has been gaining ground in the tablet market and while it is a great tablet OS and has an amazing multi-task feature among other things, the applications are still not fully there. With more and more tablet apps hitting the market each week the numbers for native tablet apps are still a little low. Recent info suggests Android 3.2 will be hitting the Motorola Xoom soon and it appears that Google is now working on the screen size issue for android applications.

[Deal] Motorola Xoom only $450 at Staples!

This might be one of those deals where you'd better hurry and call a few local Staples stores or quickly drive on down to one. Apparently they are offering $50 dollars off of the Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom Android 3.1 Honeycomb Tablet and the deal runs until July 9th. In case you aren't good at math that makes the Motorola Xoom only $450. This is the lowest I've seen the Xoom so if you've been waiting for a deal -- this is it.

Motorola Tablet Hits the FCC, Might be the Xoom LTE or Xoom 2

This is a bit of interesting news that will surely make a few readers happy, and also probably a few upset for those still waiting on the original Xoom to get upgraded to 4G LTE. What looks to be a Motorola Tablet with 4G LTE radios has been seen clearing the FCC. Being seen only by the FCC ID IHDP56LU2. Interesting bit of news that is for sure, I sure hope Verizon and Motorola update us Xoom owners before launching something else or they might have an angry mob headed their way.

Motorola XOOM now $499 from the Source

SO you remember a few days ago when it was a huge deal that there was a $100 discount on the normally $599 Android 3.1 Honeycomb NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core 10.1-inch HD widescreen tablet known as the Motorola XOOM? Well, turns out that the group themselves has the tablet at that same price starting today. They've also go the Verizon 3G w/plan version at $599 and the Verizon 3G w/o plan version for $799. This is another clue as to how soon it'll be before we see the "4G" version of the tablet being released, that being the upgrade to the version you're seeing on the market right this second. The question stands now though: will the re-release of this tablet cost $599 again?

Motorola XOOM microSD Card Support Activated everywhere but the USA

What in the world is going on here, you might ask? It appears that Motorola Europe will be heading off this particular wagon of updates, they having a Facebook status up that confirms that their Android 3.1 Honeycomb update will include activation of their SD card support for the tablet. Of course you know that if you've got this tablet inside the USA on a Verizon plan, you've already got the update - but without the SD card bit. What blasphemous set of clicks, developers developers developers, and carriers lead to this terrifying situation?

DROID3 and Motorola XOOM LTE Announced in Verizon MAP, Close to Launch!

It appears that our friends at DroidLife have just been handed another piece to the ongoing puzzle we've got going here with two devices of some note: the DROID3 (aka DROID 3 with a space as this release would have us believe,) and the Motorola XOOM LTE. The latter device is the subject of an extended accessories post we just added this morning to the Android Community feed, thought the name is certainly worth some discussion. There are two versions of the Motorola XOOM currently available for sale, that being the Verizon connected version which is, as they say, upgradable to 4G LTE, and the Wi-Fi only version which you can get at Target. Now they're speaking of an LTE version of the tablet, which should be all means be confusing to those already owning a XOOM from Verizon as they've been promised an upgrade to LTE in the near future.

Grab Motorola XOOM Accessories for Half Off by Registering your Tablet by June 26th

The group that brought you the very first Android 3.0 Honeycomb device, Motorola, is currently running a promotion for owners of that device, allowing them to exchange a relatively quick registration process for the ability to purchase official accessories for 50% off their original list price. Motorola is promoting this offer through several sources including their official Facebook Page where they remind users that they've got until Noon ET to take advantage of this special offer. This offer also comes on top of a similar Buy a Motorola Xoom Wifi and get a Bluetooth Keyboard Free offer, leading us to believe that they've got a surplus of accessories waiting in the wings.
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