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Motorola Xoom Android 3.2.1 update rolling out

We just received news that the Motorola Xoom is getting an over the air update pushed out to Wi-Fi models as we speak. This is Android 3.2.1 Honeycomb. Being completely random and out of the blue with no sort of news, update, or change-log for now but users can expect the update to hit their own Xoom here very shortly.

Motorola’s 7-inch XOOM caught in wild

An image of what appears to be Motorola's 7-inch version of the XOOM has leaked, presumably the same compact tablet CEO Sanjay Jha promised was in the pipeline earlier this year. No specifications in the image sent to This is my next, but the slimline slate does appear to have the Motorola logo - or something like it - in the top corner, and be running Android Honeycomb's camera app. As for connectivity, while we're guessing that WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G/4G are all likely additions, the only thing visible at the moment are two ports on the lower edge. They, it's suggested, are microUSB and microHDMI. If authentic, gone are the chunky stylings of the original XOOM, to be replaced by an angled aesthetic more in keeping with the Photon 4G. No word on when, exactly, this new Motorola might hit the market, nor indeed what the chunky device in the upper right-hand corner might be.

Verizon Labor Day Sales include XOOM, ThunderBolt, Galaxy Tab, Continuum

There's a big handful of devices on sale this weekend up until Labor Day including more than a couple of our old favorites on the Android front. All of these sales are online exclusives and each of them requires a 2-year activation, but beyond that you're in the sweet, sweet discount world. First there's the HTC ThunderBolt which is now $149.99 - this is the only LTE-capable smartphone on the whole list, and buying it here will mean it's pre-owned. Then there's the Motorola XOOM for $299.99 - note that this is a pre-owned model you'll be getting - this is the only LTE-capable tablet on the list. There's a couple of LTE mobile modems on sale too but I'll let you check those out for yourself since they're not Android-based.

Google Reader v1.0.1 for Tablets App Review

Ever have the feeling that it would make more sense for a group of developers to WAIT to release an app rather than sent it out with a less than optimal user interface? Google didn't wait to release Google Reader back in the days when there were only handsets around, they jammed it out there and it looked pretty good, but bigger screens were directly on the horizon, and when these bigger screens arrived in tablet form, Google got busy. I mean got busy several months later, 3 quarters into the same year the Motorola XOOM was released near the beginning of, with a whole slew of tablets out ready and raring to Google Reader some feeds but having a non-fantastic official app to do it with - what's one to do?!

Motorola KORE tipped in domain buying spree: XOOM successor?

Could Motorola's next tablet be the KORE? That's certainly one possibility, after the company was spotted going on a domain-buying spree earlier this week. Fusible caught five domains -, and - each using a variant of the same KORE name. The five purchases were only made on Wednesday this week, and so far none of the URLs link to any existing Motorola pages. While a tablet is one possibility - perhaps using Ice Cream Sandwich, which is set to debut later in 2011 - the KORE could also be a new Motorola phone, of course. Motorola's original Android tablet, the XOOM, got off to an early start as the first Honeycomb model to hit shelves, but has since been superseded by rivals like Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1. Early criticism suggested the XOOM - and indeed Android 3.0 - had been released half-baked, with a patchy OS and missing hardware support (such as for the memory card slot). Even now, the promised Verizon LTE 4G upgrade is still yet to appear.
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