Motorola X-Phone

Motorola X-Phone may be a no-show at Google I/O

We're starting to see a few more reports this afternoon regarding Motorola and Google's rumored X-Phone device, but the information certainly isn't good news. While the X-Phone hasn't even been remotely confirmed we've been hearing rumors about a May reveal and June release date for well over the past month. If the phone is real, word on the street is it has now been delayed.

Motorola X-Phone surfaces in another leaked render

What is said to be a render of the yet-to-be-announced Motorola X-Phone has surfaced. The image render comes along with some specs, however while we would like this to be the real deal -- there is reason to be skeptical. If nothing else, judging from the fact we have another render and another set of leaked specs for the X-Phone, it is looking like this is a handset people are anxious to see announced.

Motorola teases a personalized phone buying experience

With all the wild rumors floating around regarding the next Motorola smartphone, or the X-Phone, we might as well get the rumor mill started up again today. Motorola's recently hired Advisor, and former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki just gave us a head start. After rumors suggesting the X-Phone could be customizable at the Play Store while ordering, Guy's now teasing that very idea.

Motorola device codenames leak as the Ghost, Yeti and Sasquatch

A fair amount of the Motorola related chatter has circled around the X-Phone. Well, that is aside from the handset that leaked last week. That particular device was the XT912A (pictured below) and judging from a look at the specs, it was clearly not the Motorola X-Phone. Putting that to the side though, it looks like some new device codenames have leaked for Motorola. And while these are fairly early details, at least one appears to have some promise.

Motorola X line to compete with Samsung’s GALAXY

Now that Samsung's Galaxy S4 has been announced and detailed, it's time to once again focus on the next major smartphone we're still waiting to learn about. And that is the rumored Motorola X-Phone. There's tons of rumors floating around and many which we can't give any credence to, but a few details that surfaced this afternoon were worth taking a second look at. It sounds like the X line of devices will compete with Samsung's Galaxy range.

Motorola X-Phone rumors floating around again, sound iffy at best

Another day another rumor or leak regarding the Motorola X-Phone. To be perfectly honest all anyone has at this point are a few rumors that this device is coming, but absolutely zero proof. However, the leaks and 'confirmed details' keep floating in and hopefully all these rumors sink and are put to rest soon. The latest batch to make the rounds are iffy at best, and sound terribly inaccurate.

Motorola X-Phone said to be a real “game changer”

Talk of the Motorola X-Phone seems to be picking up lately. Things began with simple rumors about the phone being worked on to supposed confirmations coming from a job listing and talk of specific features and a possible launch date. On that note, it looks like the X-Phone hype machine has recently kicked into overdrive and we are now hearing comments calling the handset a "real breakthrough, a game changer."

Motorola X-Phone rumors talk camera, battery and launch date

Rumors for the much anticipated X-Phone joint effort device from Google and Motorola are starting to heat up. While we've been reporting little tidbits here and there lately, today we have additional rumors which match previous reports and we're getting excited. To start it looks like Google's I/O event on May 15th is when the X-Phone will be revealed to the world, but read on for more details.
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