Motorola X-Phone

Motorola ‘XFON’ stops by the FCC for US Cellular as specs leak

To be honest, we're almost getting sick of seeing all these leaks and details about Motorola's upcoming XFON, X-Phone, Moto X, or whatever this device will be called. It has leaked more times than a leaky faucet, and we'd really just like all the details at this point. A few weeks back Motorola's CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed the device would be coming soon and be "broadly" available, and we've seen FCC filings for all major US carriers. Can't we just have it already?

Motorola “Google Edition” phones up next

When Google purchased Motorola for over $12 billion in 2011, many (myself included) thought Motorola would be the first company to release what we're now seeing as Google or Nexus experience phones. However, Samsung managed to beat them to the punch, and now even HTC. What gives? Google told us they built a firewall between Android and Motorola, but could the next wave of Motorola phones all be Google Editions? Yup.

Motorola XFON clears the FCC on way to AT&T

Things are starting to get interesting regarding Motorola's upcoming smartphone lineup. We've been waiting to see what Motorola and Google cook up together, and today that may have been revealed in an FCC filing. The device is being listed as the Motorola XT1058 with 4G LTE and headed to AT&T. Most likely this is the X-Phone (or XFON) and more details on why can be found below.

Motorola XT1055 ‘X-Phone’ appears in benchmarks

The rumors have been getting pretty wild lately about what to expect from the folks at Motorola and Google now that they've joined forces. The X-Phone has been a hotly debated device, and we've seen a few fake benchmark results appear of the Google X phone too. However, today something a little more realistic sounding has appeared. Read on for our thoughts.

Google X with Android 5.0.1 spotted in benchmark results

Don't get too excited folks, because most likely this is completely fake given how easy it is to tweak benchmark tests. According to some new screenshots that are floating around those dark corners of the web, Motorola's famed X-Phone has been spotted being called the Google X, and running the popular AnTuTu benchmark test. We'll take this with a massive grain of salt, that's for sure.

Motorola may ship the X-Phone in as many as 20 colors

The Motorola X-Phone doesn't look like it is going to be ready for a Google I/O unveil, however based on new reports, it is looking like the handset will be available in a variety of colors. In fact, according to the latest, the X-Phone could be available in as many as 20 colors. While the color options may be abundant, it is also now being reported that the X-Phone is not going to be as customizable as once thought.
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