Motorola Shadow

Shadow is now Droid X?

Lately this has been the most leaked upcoming Android phone around the web. Out of all the leaked pictures and information, there hasn’t been any solid evidence of any of these claims until now. Our friend over at Phandroid has just received a few new screenshots of the highly anticipated Motorola Shadow. First off, the new name is Droid X, this is a change from Droid Xtreme that we‘ve heard in recent leaks of the device.

Motorola Shadow battery spotted, more benchmark scores and its not running 2.2 but “Ninja Blur”?

For now let’s just take this a few grains of salt. The latest benchmark of the upcoming Motorola Shadow suggests that if it had Android 2.2 it would be twice as fast as the Nexus One. Is this possible? I would say no but anything could happen. The most shocking part of this story is the Shadow in the test is not running Android 2.2 but a new version of MotoBlur called NinjaBlur.

Motorola Droid 2 & Shadow Appear in Verizon Inventory Systems

Both the Droid 2 and Shadow from Motorola have managed to ease on through almost every single leg of the mobile phone race. First the FCC, then some Bluetooth SIG certificates, and the Shadow even managed to get some concept artwork rendered. It all boiled over to the Motorola Shadow being shown off in a quick snapshot, after it was found in a gym. And now, before we have an official announcement from Motorola, we've got both pieces of hardware showing up in Verizon Wireless inventory. At least, the model numbers, anyway.

Motorola Shadow Benchmarked and It’s Pretty Fast

A member from Howard Forums benchmarked his Shadow with an app called Quadrant. The results were very favorable for the Shadow especially if it is running Android 2.1 or lower. It took second place in a performance test right behind the Nexus One on Android 2.2 and right above the Samsung Galaxy S which took third place.

Motorola Shadow leaks again: HDMI, 8MP & OMAP3630 CPU

After yesterday's mildly-dubious Motorola Shadow leak, the handset has shown up in the wild again, this time courtesy of HowardForums.  We described the Shadow as Motorola's version of the HTC EVO 4G, only without the WiMAX, and that continues to look roughly true; like the EVO 4G the Motorola handset has both microUSB and mini HDMI connections, but it has a 4.1-inch display and a 720MHz OMAP3630 processor.

Motorola A955 Passes Through WiFi Alliance

There's only one thing we know for an absolute certainty at this point: Motorola has a successor to the Droid coming out. What we don't know, however, what it looks like, or what it will even be called. There's some talk that the Motorola Shadow, which recently popped up again on the radar, is, in fact, the Droid 2 and not the Nexus Two as originally believed. But, there's been some additional developments, and now we're just baffled.