Motorola MotoACTV update will allow pairing with all Android phones

Motorola's MotoACTV digital watch/pedometer/Dick Tracy cosplay accessory is a pretty neat piece of tech, but it's somewhat limited by its ability to pair only with Motorola phones. The latest update will fix that oversight, allowing the MotoACTV to pair with and work with all Android devices running 2.1 Eclair or later. Because leveraging your brand should always come second to leveraging your hardware, right, Moto? The update is scheduled to hit the Google Play Store later today.

Motorola MOTOACTV update to hit Friday

Back in October of last year, Motorola unveiled the MOTOACTV; a wristwatch-like device that helps you measure how effective you workout to particular songs. It syncs with your smartphone for access to missed calls, text messages, and even email. Motorola had planned on rolling out the update today, but decided against it and is now shooting for a Friday release. This isn't a small update that aims to fix a few bugs here and there; instead, it is supposed to offer access to 40 new activities.

Motorola: more Lapdock-style devices coming in 2012

While we and just about everybody else was floored at the potential of Motorola's Lapdock when it was introduced with the Atrix 4G, the reality of its utility has proven somewhat underwhelming. Even when the Atrix 2 brought us a semi-universal model in the Lapdock 100, the laptop/smartphone combination still felt a little cuimbersome, and hard to justify given the extra cost it requires. It appears that Motorola isn't discouraged, however: in an interview with AllThingsD, executive Christy Wyatt said the company plans more multi-screen intiatives in the coming year.

MOTO ACTV update brings stopwatch, new clock faces, and 8 hours battery life

For those that remember or own the MOTO ACTV we have an exciting update to tell you about today. Motorola is all set to soon release their latest update for the do-it-all fitness Android device and we have all the details. The video below courtesy of Motorola might be a bit boring but shares plenty about this exciting new update and more.

Motorola MOTOACTV complete users guide

So you've got this webpage over at Motorola that's telling you all about the new Dick Tracy watch, aka the MOTOACTV, a sports-centric Android device made to wear on a strap around your arm or wrist. It looks fantastic, but you want a guide from an Android perspective, one that'll let you know exactly what this device is and how simple (or incredibly difficult) it'll be to use. We just happen to have a guide like that here! And after the guide we'll have a full review of the device as well!