Motorola Morrison

Motorola Android event on September 10th: AC will be there

Motorola have given Android Community and our sibling-site SlashGear a heads-up to save September 10th for what certainly looks to be an Android announcement.  The event, to be held in San Francisco, would seem to be in aid of launching Motorola's first Android smartphones, potentially the much-leaked Morrison and Sholes. There are no details from Motorola themselves as to what's scheduled for the event, beyond the Android logo on the invitation itself.  However given the various leaks about entry- to mid-range Android-based Motorola handsets over the past few months, plus the company's own admission that they've been working on Android devices, it seems a fair assumption that this is the ailing company's attempt to get back into the spotlight. You can bet that Android Community will be there in San Francisco on September 10th to cover all the new announcements, but until then we'll be scouring the rumor-mill to see if we can catch a jump on what may be heading up the show.

Motorola Morrison engineering diagrams leak

Engineer's sketches of the upcoming Motorola Morrison have leaked, ahead of what's presumed to be the budget Android handset's Holiday 2009 launch.  A sliding QWERTY touchscreen device, the Morrison is expected to carry a roughly $100 price tag when it lands on T-Mobile USA later in the year. The handset is expected to have triband WCDMA 900/1700/2100 support, together with quadband GSM, as well as stereo Bluetooth and a speakerphone.  There is some difference between the controls of the Morrison in this image and in leaked photos of the handset; the sketch appears to show hardware buttons beneath the phone's touchscreen, while leaked prototype shots suggest touch-sensitive keys instead. T-Mobile USA are believed to be slotting the Morrison in underneath the G1.  The device was first spotted on a leaked roadmap back in May. [via Engadget Mobile]

Motorola Morrison Android phone to be T-Mobile’s Christmas present?

The leaked T-Mobile 2009 roadmap has re-emerged, this time with a little less black-out and an extra splash of Motorola.  Tipped to arrive over the late-November/December Holiday period, the Motorola Morrison looks to be the first self-branded Android device from the company to reach the T-Mobile USA network. Details on the Motorola Morrison are scant, in fact pretty much everything we know has to be gleaned from the tiny image you see here.  From that, we can tell that the smartphone has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and what's presumably a large touchscreen. Of course, the image used on the roadmap could well be a simple mockup or "lookalike" device intended as a placeholder until the eventual Morrison emerges.  TmoToday promise pricing details closer to the handset's launch.