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Motorola DROID Ultra and MAXX shipping now, could arrive before the 20th

The impressive new Motorola DROID ULTRA and MAXX appear to be shipping already. When Moto announced pre-orders late last month alongside the August 20th release date we knew when it would arrive all along, unlike the HTC One, and now we're hearing they're shipping early. After ship dates slipped due to overwhelming demand, it appears a few of you could get the device as soon as tomorrow.

Motorola Trade up gets you $100 off the Moto X or new DROID

Last year Motorola took the stage to announce the "New Motorola" with Google in charge and a brand new CEO. They also detailed a trade up program allowing buyers to send in their aging DROID or Motorola smartphone for a shiny new one. Well, that same deal is back and ready as ever for you to get their latest creations. Those being one of the 3 new Verizon DROIDs, or the Moto X.

DROID ULTRA with red-stripe confirmed as Employee Edition

An in-the-wild style image of a red stripped DROID ULTRA leaked a short time before the Verizon announcement. The handset was showing a Limited Edition marking and while it was believed to be something intended for employees, we had yet to see anything in terms of a confirmation. Well, coming by way of a recent product listing -- we can now say for sure that the red-stripped DROID ULTRA is only for Verizon employees.

Verizon hands out 6 months free Google Music All Access with new DROID phones

In case you missed the crazy announcements earlier this morning, Verizon and Motorola revealed three brand new DROID smartphones to grace the big red network. Full of Android 4.2, gesture and voice controls, and 4G LTE the new DROID Mini, ULTRA, and DROID MAXX are available come August 20th. One important "deal" they briefly mentioned we wanted to highlight was the free Google Music All Access subscription.
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