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Motorola Uses Droid X to Attack iPhone, No Jacket Required

We all know that, right now, Apple is doing everything they possibly can to make sure that everyone and their cousin knows that it's not just the iPhone 4 that has antenna problems. Unfortunately, their testing and "results" don't seem to be working out for anyone other than Apple, and that's giving companies like Motorola plenty of ammunition to use in their own marketing campaigns. This time around, you won't even need a jacket to brave the winter chills.

Motorola Droid X Sold on eBay, Comes with Android 2.2

This is getting ridiculous. Just last night we had a couple different articles detailing, in some way or another, a Droid X here and there running Android 2.2, or Froyo. And, sure enough, here's another one. The only difference with this one, is there's a good chance that this one's a test build running on a test unit. Not a big difference, but it's still different.

Motorola Droid X with Android 2.2 Gets Spied Again

This is getting ridiculous. And, if you have a Droid X and start killing your battery checking for software updates after you read this article, we don't blame you. Because, truth be told, these "leaks" are starting to get a bit more "real." This time around, it's a tipster with a pretty non-blurry image of their very own Droid X, obviously running Android 2.2.

Motorola Droid X Running Android 2.2

We're all eagerly anticipating the release of Android 3.0. That's just the truth. But, that's not stopping everyone else from looking at Android 2.2 and when it's going to launch on the Droid X. When the new flagship device from Motorola and Verizon was announced, speculation about it launching with Android 2.2 was pretty high. Of course, we know now that it's running Android 2.1, with a date "some time in July" aimed for its update to Android 2.2. (Thankfully, August is in the Summer.) But, that's not stopping the developers. And, considering the Motorola Milestone just got Android 2.2 goodness, why shouldn't the other eFuse-based device get it, too?

Motorola Droid X: Root the Easy Way

We've already told you that the Droid X is rooted. In fact, we gave you some pretty good instructions on how to do it. But, not everyone out there wants to get into the ADB shell and put in some command line. And we know where you're coming from. So, if you're still interested in rooting your brand new device and getting rid of some of that bloatware, here's an easy method. Yes. It's easy. Like, one click easy.

Motorola Droid and Droid X, HTC Incredible to Get Android 2.2 Beginning August 6th, Rumors Suggest

Right now, it's a pretty hard sale to say that any other wireless carrier in the United States has a better line-up of Android-based handsets than Verizon. With that being said, everyone's waiting for their high-end devices to get their software updated to Android 2.2. While there's been plenty of rumors, there's never not room for another one. So, here's your latest: Beginning August 6th, the Motorola Droid, Droid X, and HTC Incredible could all be seeing their Android upgraded with some frozen yogurt.

DROID X latest to get Apple’s antenna testing

Apple has already used the HTC Droid Eris as an example for why the iPhone 4 antenna issue is an industry-wide problem rather than something they alone face, and now they've spread their net to include one of the must-have Android smartphones of the moment, the Motorola DROID X.  Fresh to the company's antenna testing page is Verizon's latest Android handset, showing how a tight grip around the lower portion of the rear of the DROID X is enough to knock if from three bars to zero. "In weak signal areas," Apple concludes, "this grip may negatively affect signal strength."  Of course, they don't actually say that will result in dropped calls, but that's certainly the implication. We've not had any reception issues holding our DROID X review unit in a regular way, so we'd be interested to hear if those Android Community readers who have been able to buy the coveted smartphone are experiencing the same problems that Apple are highlighting.  Let us know in the comments! [via Engadget - thanks James!]

DROID X rooted; next stop that tricky bootloader

Could it really be this simple?  According to Droid X Forums the new Verizon DROID X has already been rooted, and it's a mighty simple process from the look of it.  Hot on the heals of recovery mode for the smartphone being accessed come root privileges. Of course, just having root access is only one part of the process: right now the bootloader is still locked down tight, and Motorola's use of eFuse tech means that third-party ROMs are still a no-go area right now.  What you should be able to do, though, is get rid of any preloaded bloatware you're not using, and all the other little hacks that root permits.  Now, anyone brave enough to give it a try?
Step 1: Set up ADB Step 2: Push exploid to /sqlite_stmt_journals "adb push exploid /sqlite_stmt_journals" Step 3: type "adb shell" Step 4: type "cd sqlite_stmt_journals" Step 5: type "chmod 755 exploid" Step 6: type "./exploid" and follow directions on screen Step 7: type "rootshell" Step 8: type in password "secretlol" Step 9: your in root! Step 10: mount your sdcard to pc and put Superuser.apk and su in the sdcard Step 11: unmount sdcard Step 12: in adb (make sure your still in root with the # sign) type in: - cp /sdcard/Superuser.apk /system/app/Superuser.apk - cp /sdcard/su /system/bin/su - chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
[Thanks djunio and ggrant3876!]

Motorola Droid X: How to Boot Into Recovery

Right now, there's no telling how long it will be if the hacking community (as good as you are, you amazing folks) gets into the innards of our beloved Droid X, or if they will at all, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to boot into recovery anyway, right? Of course not! So, consider this your Public Service Announcement for today. And for the record, doing the steps below won't brick your phone, so don't freak out.

Motorola Droid X Experiencing Screen Issues

If you were able to get your hands on a Motorola Droid X, then hopefully you've been having the time of your life with your new device. Especially considering no one else can get their hands on one right now. Hopefully you aren't a few of the folks out there who have been experiencing some major screen problems. Because, at least according to some Verizon employees around the nation, these issues are pretty common amongst the first batch of Xs released into the world.
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