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Adobe Shows Off Flash Player on the Motorola Droid 2 [Update]

We all know that the Motorola Droid 2 is launching on August 12th. Pre-orders start tomorrow, folks. And, we all know that Android 2.2 is coming pre-installed on the device, as it's one of the main selling points of the upgraded Droid model. And with Froyo, also comes Flash Player. While there's been a huge furor over whether or not it even works on the device, as many original Droid owners are having a heck of a time with their own upgrade to Froyo and utilizing the software, it looks like Adobe themselves wanted to calm folks down. So, here's a video.

Motorola Handing Out Free TouchDown Licenses

For the most part, the Droid X launched without much mishaps. There was a few reports of 3G connectivity going down at corporate stores and what not, but that's not surprising, considering how many new devices were trying to access the network at once. But, not everything is perfect. The device does suffer from some heinous connections to ActiveSync and Exchange servers. While your device may be getting the emails, you're probably not receiving any notifications (after the initial one, after the set-up process). Well, Motorola knows it's a problem, and they intend to fix it with the update to Android 2.2. But, for now, they have a different plan.

Motorola Fixing Low-Level Notification Sounds in Next Update

We know that Motorola is planning on fixing the ActiveSync/Exchange email issues with the Droid X software update that's scheduled to release some time in the early weeks of September. However, if you're also having some trouble with your notification volume level, don't freak out. You're not the only one having the issue, and apparently after Motorola checked into it, they've discovered that it is a real problem. Their solution? A software fix.

Verizon to Offer Droid Training on August 12th

This may or may not be any way related to the Droid 2 launching on August 12th. We haven't quite decided. There are a couple of ways to look at this, and it's a strong possibility that the simplest (and most unexciting way) is the logical one, but then again, we love to dig up as many rumors as we can, so why not head down the track with this little bit of news as well?

Motorola Droid X Upgrading to Android 2.2 by Early September

Well, fancy that. If you've got a Droid X, or if you've heard about the issues with Exchange 2003 (and ActiveSync, and Exchange in general...), then you know that Motorola's hard at work at the problem. They say they are, anyway. And, despite the fact a new update just released, and didn't feature the fix to the problem, we figured that Android 2.2 would be the update to bring it around. Sure enough, a Motorola rep has just responded to a thread on Motorola's site, about Exchange, and verified the truth.

HTC Glacier is T-Mobile’s Project Emerald?

When Project Emerald news broke, there was all sorts of speculation surrounding what it could be. Despite all the rumor mongering and speculation, we still don't have a confirmation from T-Mobile what it is. But, we have to keep the rumor mill turning, so here we are with another addition. The HTC Glacier is, supposedly, the device that will spur T-Mobile's Emerald emergence, and it's actually HTC's dual-core processor device.

Motorola Droid X Does Android 2.2 on Video

While the Droid 2 is set to launch with Android 2.2 (whenever that happens), and the original Droid should be getting an OTA update any day this week, we're now just waiting to hear when the Droid X will get its own update. We're still hearing the end of August, which actually only helps that August 12th release date of the Droid 2, but if you want to see what it looks like a little early, go ahead and check out the video below.

Motorola Droid 2 Training Guide Leaked, Still Needs to be Announced

Okay, so we get it. The Droid 2 is real, it exists somewhere outside of our collective imaginations, and it's coming to Verizon. Eventually. Some day, it's coming. And, just as we saw with the official user manual of the device last week, we get to see the full details of the upcoming smartphone well before Verizon has actually officially said anything about the device's existence.

Motorola Droid X Source Code Released

Well, fancy that. Thanks to some keen eyes, and due to someone out there not despising Motorola for putting that eFuse in their device, we got word that Motorola has actually released the source code for the Droid X. Just like the Samsung Captivate for AT&T, this will go along way for the developers out there to start meandering their way through the system, and figuring out what they can do.

Motorola Droid X Commercial Features Hot Spot Functionality

The marketing campaign from Verizon, where the new Motorola Droid X is the focal point, is far from over. In fact, the commercials themselves seem to be getting better and better. This time around, Verizon is focusing on the mobile hot spot feature, showing everyone who will watch just how easy it is to connect your device (and multiple other devices) to the Internet, courtesy of your new Droid phone.
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