Motorola Droid 3

Motorola Droid 3 Now Live at Droid Does Website, Available Now?

We still have not heard anything official out of Verizon or Motorola regarding the Droid 3 but it has now appeared quietly without anyone being told right on the Droid Does website. This is basically as official as it can get but we still would like Verizon to come out and announce the device. Right on the site you can check out all of the phones on Verizon and if you initiate Droid Does and click on the Droid 3 you will get all the details you could ever possibly need.

Droid 3 Accessories Show Up at Verizon Store, Verizon Asks “What Droid 3?”

Well I don't know about the rest of you but I'm almost bored with it by now. The Droid 3 is going to be an undeniably sexy keyboard bearing phone with a dual-core prcoessor and qHD screen, but we've been being teased by it for months now. It may have a rumored release date only two weeks out, but we still have no word from Moto or Verizon. If this isn't bad enough, Verizon stores are now getting official cases for the unannounced phone.

Droid 2 Update to Gingerbread Coming After Droid 3 Launches

All you Droid 2 owners around that have been patiently waiting for the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update might be sad to hear this but you might be waiting just a little longer. A leaked document floating around states that the Droid 2 Global wont get Gingerbread til after the Droid 3 launches. It is safe to say the regular Droid 2 is probably in the same boat but we could be wrong.

Motorola Droid 3 Release Date July 14th at Best Buy

That is, if a photo of a screen as posted by DroidAttic is to be believed. No less reputable than any other in-store photo of a display, I suppose, yes? The site this information comes from is a rather simple Android blog that appears to get a lot of leaks in - just yesterday they apparently also got news from an inside source that said the DROID Bionic would be released in July. That lines up with our "find" of the Motorola tweet that said we'd be getting the Bionic "on time" and a suggested HTC event that's aimed at late June - but that's in England.

Motorola Changes Teams, Adds an OMAP processor to the Droid 3

Our good friend Brian King of AnandTech has been passed a tip which lead us all, collectively, holding hands, to a set of benchmarks that show the power of the upcoming newest DROID in the family, that being the DROID3 aka DROID 3 aka Droid 3. Let's use this opportunity to be as clear as we can be with this - which one is it? Let's all agree! Then let's continue down the road with some specs that can be readily understood by these benchmark pages, that being the GLBenchmark 2.0 results pages showing off the first of several doozies: there's no NVIDIA Tegra 2 here, this device will be running an OMAP 4430 processor.
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