Motorola DEXT

Bell Introduces the Motorola DEXT

Canadian carrier Bell has just released the Motorola Dext, you may know this device as the Motorola Cliq. Bell had announced in the past that this phone will be due in the first half of this year, they are cutting it real close but it’s finally been released.

HTC Desire: Black Edition Headed to Orange UK

A few weeks back we uncovered the existence of the highly anticipated HTC Desire in an all black color scheme. Before then this phone was only seen in gray and even white. Now it has been confirmed via twitter, by Conor Maples who happens to be the PR man at Orange, that it will be available in April.

Motorola CLIQ gets full SlashGear review

Motorola's first attempt at an Android device - the Motorola CLIQ (aka the DEXT outside of the US) - certainly tries to deliver a lot for a first-gen device, and over at SlashGear we've been putting it through its paces.  The main effort has obviously gone into its MOTOBLUR social networking system, which attempts to pull together all the key strands of your online life together onto the CLIQ's 3.1-inch capacitive touchscreen. That's not to say the hardware isn't comprehensive, with a slide-out QWERTY hardware keyboard, WiFi b/g, Bluetooth, GPS/AGPS and HSPA on T-Mobile USA's network.  They've also slotted in a 5-megapixel autofocus camera. So, have Motorola laid the ghost of RAZR to rest, and does a new OS spell success for the ailing company's future?  The full review is over at SlashGear, so head there to it check out.

Motorola DEXT Orange launch event: hands-on [Video]

After Vincent spent some playtime with the Motorola CLIQ last week, shortly after the company announced their first Android device, Orange and Motorola UK invited us to the launch event for the Motorola DEXT.  Same device, different name; that means the same 3.1-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen display, the same wireless connectivity and the same 5-megapixel camera. It was also an opportunity to see how the DEXT stacks up next to the HTC Hero, currently my regular phone and one we rated highly in our review.  The Hero seems better put together than the DEXT - albeit the latter was a pre-production model, and that could all change when the commercial devices appear - but of course the Motorola has that tactile QWERTY keyboard in a chassis not that much thicker than the HTC's. The Motorola DEXT will arrive on Orange in the first full week of October, priced at free with a new £35 ($58) contract that includes unlimited data, messaging and sat-nav access.  Check out my first-impressions of MOTOBLUR - and how it compares to HTC Sense - over at SlashGear. [vms f2ff029a833cccc778fd] [gallery]

Motorola DEXT hits Orange UK from early October

Motorola UK have confirmed that their new Motorola DEXT - the name for the Motorola CLIQ outside of the US - will go on sale through carrier Orange from early October.  Pre-orders for the handset will begin on September 22nd, though pricing is yet to be announced. At the launch event yesterday, Motorola themselves only said that the CLIQ would arrive in the US on T-Mobile sometime in the fall during Q4 2009.  They also confirmed that the device - as the DEXT - would see a release in Latin America and mainland Europe, though failed to give release dates. The DEXT has a 3.1-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 5-megapixel autofocus camera and 3G.  It also uses Motorola's new MOTOBLUR sync system, which you can see demonstrated in the video below. [vms 8137a16a1acd04ed9112]

Motorola CLIQ (aka DEXT) hands-on video demo

After being, frankly, very impressed at the announcement of Motorola's first Android smartphone yesterday, we caught up with the CLIQ (aka Motorola DEXT) afterwards for a hands-on demo.  Motorola were being coy with the handset, preferring to run through its capabilities themselves rather than allow a free-for-all in our own hands, but we did get enough of a play to ascertain that the QWERTY keyboard is tactile and well built, while the 3.1-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen is bright, responsive and - thanks to the hard glass cover - feels great. It also seems to be quick, too, though there's no telling how close to production-status the firmware is on these demo models.  Given the CLIQ won't land on T-Mobile USA until Q4 this year, there's probably still some work to be done, but despite the fact that Motorola have used the same sort of 528MHz Qualcomm processor as can be found on HTC's recent Android handsets, we had no problems with speed or responsiveness. We're waiting for the full hands-on image gallery of the Motorola CLIQ to finish processing, and will update with that when it's ready.  For now, enjoy the video demos and check out this post for more detail on the CLIQ itself. Motorola CLIQ (aka DEXT) hands-on demo: [vms 8137a16a1acd04ed9112] Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR demo: [vms 79d135ba18e051673d90]