Motorola DEFY MINI

Motorola DEFY MINI takes a stroll through the FCC with AT&T bands

Here's a surprising turn of events: Wireless Goodness spotted the cute 'lil DEFY MINI going through the FCC at the behest of Motorola. The budget phone was revealed early this year for various international markets, but we didn't think it would be headed to the US any time soon (at least not with the same branding). The wireless bands that the test phone was sporting point to an AT&T release - or not, since those are the same HSPA+bands that are used in many countries around the world. Manufacturers often send phones and tablets through the FCC as a formality to show off to prospective carriers, or on their way north to Canada.

Motorola MOTOLUXE, DEFY MINI and white RAZR pre-orders start at Clove

IF you love Motorola phones with NAMES IN CAPITAL LETTERS and also happen to live in the UK, you'll want to pull out your wallet and browse on over to online retailer Clove. They've recently put the MOTOLUXE, DEFY MINI and the white version of the RAZR (that's the DROID RAZR to yankees) up for pre-order. The white RAZR will arrive sometime in February, with the newer phones dropping in early March at the latest.

Motorola introduces MOTOLUXE and DEFY MINI for international markets

If you're not swayed by the various unlocked superphones flying around on GSM networks and want something decidedly mid-range, you might want to check out Motorola's latest offerings. The 4-inch MOTOLUXE and 3.2-inch DEFY MINI will be making their way to China, Europe and Latin America in February, with prices to satisfy the most enthusiastic of penny-pinchers. Too bad they didn't say what those prices are.