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Atrix 4G: $149.99 at Radio Shack

Radio Shack is planning to offer the Motrola Atrix 4G for $149.99 with a two year contract. The price, without rebate, represents a $50 undercut from AT&T's planned pricing. The optional lapdock, which turns the Atrix into a laptop computer, will be available for $329.99 when bundled with the phone. Total price out the door $479.99, $20 less than AT&T.

Atrix 4G Full System Dump Here and Now

You've heard the rumors, you've seen what it can do - if you were at Mobile World Congress 2011, you even held this lovely phone in your hands. But it's not released yet, oh no! What could a person do if they wanted a phone's contents before the actual release of the phone? Why they'd look for a system dump, of course, and that's just what we've got for you here, courtesy of leaker "Jabthtut," who is clearly wise and powerful.

AT&T Motorola ATRIX 4G now due February 22

AT&T now expects the Motorola ATRIX 4G to arrive in-store almost two weeks earlier than previously promised, with the 4-inch Android smartphone due to go on sale in retail locations on February 22. Previously, AT&T had said sales would begin on March 6. Meanwhile, existing pre-order customers will have their ATRIX 4G units shipped out to arrive the day before, February 21. The smartphone went on sale on Sunday, February 13, priced at $199.99 with a new, two-year agreement. [via SlashGear]

AT&T Motorola ATRIX 4G up for pre-order: $200 phone, $300 Laptop Dock

Pre-orders for Motorola's ATRIX 4G have begun, with AT&T taking your cash ahead of delivery on March 6. Priced at $199.99 after an instant online rebate, the ATRIX 4G can be paired with the Laptop Dock for a further $299.99 (after a $100 mail-in rebate), while the HD Media Dock is $129.99. There's also Motorola’s Bluetooth keyboard, at $69.99, or for $189.99 AT&T will give you the HD Media Dock, keyboard and a wireless mouse. Finally the standard dock is $49.99 and the vehicle dock is $39.99. More details on the ATRIX 4G here.

Atrix Docking options highlighted in AT&Ts Mobile Minute [VIDEO]

Last week, we covered AT&T's Mobile Minute showing off some of the features of the Motorola Atrix.  Well the social media team is back with more on this capable phone including the docking interface to turn it into a serious computer for the desktop.  But it also comes with a media dock to boot giving users some serious media options.

Motorola Atrix 4G and Droid X have Same Battery Lineage

All of you Droid fans will be happy to know that whilst taking a closer look at the Atrix 4G today, we noticed that the battery is in the same family as the model found in the Droid X. Upon even closer inspection and testing, we found that the batteries are swappable, meaning you're going to have essentially the same battery potential with the Atrix 4G that you've had with your Droid X when you bust it out after it's released.

Motorola Bee Concept Phone Runs Honeycomb, Trumps ATRIX

Over on the lovely and wonderfully wishful designers portfolio Joy Studios, makers of such gems as pre-pre-concept visions of Apple iPad 2, Sony Playstation Portable Phone, and the Apple iPhone Nano, they've got a brand new bag. This new design is a phone that will run Honeycomb out of the box, making use of Android 3.0 to create what they're calling the "big brother" of the Motorola ATRIX. This Motorola Bee can record video in full HD 1080p, has a gigantic 4.3 megapixel screen at 1280x720, and of course works with both its own HD Multimedia Dock and Laptop Dock.

Morotola ATRIX 4G Hands On and Unboxing

Oh joyous day we here at the R3 Network have gotten our hands on an ATRIX 4G from Motorola. This phone will soon be carried on AT&T, and due to its wild ability to dock with multiple devices, including a laptop dock we find to be particularly intriguing, we're pretty pumped up to open the box. Take a step closer and have a peek at what's inside the box, and stick around for some closeup shots of the loveliness. BONUS: we got some docks in the box.

Motorola Atrix 4G Receives AT&T Mobile Minute Treatment [Video]

Our good pal Daniel is back to present the world with another "Mobile Minute" courtesy of the AT&T Social Media Team. This method for showing off Android smartphones was last used on the similar, but not the same, HTC Inspire 4G. In this video series the main fellow Daniel takes exactly 60 seconds to explain the phone at hand, making it extremely simple for basically anyone to understand what makes the phone great and worth buying. Daniel, you want a job at Android Community?

Pentel Airpen Mini will Change Your Android Life

Imagine a world where you can do with your Android device all the things you've been able to do on your desktop for years. That world is becoming a reality. First with the Atrix 4G working on a laptop interface, now a pen that when writing on any surface displays the written text on your phone - or of course, your Motorola XOOM tablet you'll be purchasing sometime later this year.
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