motorola atrix 4g

Motorola ATRIX and DROID Bionic fastboot files now available

Just yesterday, we saw fastboot files for the Motorola DROID RAZR leak into existence over on XDA Developers and Now, two other Motorola devices have been graced with another generous leak of fastboot files - the ATRIX, and DROID Bionic. As a recap, I'll note that fastboot files can be used to let a user flash stock recovery images to their device, thus helping them recover from a 'soft brick'.

CyanogenMod 7 coming to the ATRIX 4G, nightlies available now

The Motorola ATRIX 4G is a pretty solid device, but it's a rare Android phone indeed that the CyanogenMod team can't improve with some clean, optimized software. Brave ATRIX owners can now try their hand at an early build of CyanogenMod 7.1 for the AT&T device, assuming of course that it's already rooted with a custom recovery installed. Like most "official" CM nightlies, it's already surprisingly stable.

Motorola Atrix will be Graced with CyanogenMod Soon, Pre-Beta Ready for the Brave

Owners of the Motorola Atrix have been waiting for months now to get a port of CyanogenMod running on their fancy little Tegra 2's, and that day is almost here. A talented team of devs has successfully ported the beloved ROM onto America's first dual-core smartphone, and while it's still not ready for beta even, there is a "pre-beta" build available for the braver among you to flash and test out. The bacon is almost ready, and those of us who snuck a strip early can tell you, its going to be worth the wait.

Motorola Atrix 4G Gingerbread “Soak Test” Around the Corner

Motorola appears to be getting ready to start its traditional "soak test" of the official Gingerbread build for the AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G. The recently unlocked dual-core has been, like far too many phones, a version behind since its release with FroYo, Android 2.2, on board. Now it looks like the bugs have finally been ironed out, the Motoblur layered on, and the AT&T apps stuffed into that tasty 2.3.4 update and it will finally start getting pushed out to a lucky 1000 beta testers from Moto's forums soon.

With Freedom Comes Shiny New Kernels for the Atrix

The Atrix, the first dual-core phone here in the U.S. brought a lot of power to the table, but it also brought a lot of heartbreak. The heartbreak at its locked bootloader helped push ahead the FreeMyMoto campaign which helped get a response from Motorola. While we're still waiting on an official solution from Motorola, the Atrix has, through a bit of trickery and an engineering build, found freedom, and with that freedom comes the good stuff.

Atrix Devs Get Major Victory with 2nd-init Beta

The Motorola Atrix, the first dual-core phone to hit America, had a bootloader as locked down as they come. Developers have been hard at work for months now trying to find some way to get unleash the full power of the dual-core beast. It looks like we're on the edge of their first real victory. XDA member edgan has finished a beta port of the 2nd-init program which has been used on other devices to bypass the bootloader to allow custom ROMs. The program is being worked on now, and could result in some custom ROMs in the near future.
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