Moto X tipped to arrive on all carriers August 23rd

When Motorola and Google announced the new Moto X smartphone last week, many were sad to hear that it wasn't going to become available right away. Between all the rumors and over-hype, when Motorola confirmed it would arrive around "late August" the news was a bit depressing. Today though we have better news as tips are claiming it will hit ALL major US carriers on the 23rd.

Active Notifications app brings Moto X Active Display features to Android 4.3

Motorola unveiled the Moto X earlier in the month and while the handset has a decent set of specs, much of the focus was on the user experience. Part of that experience is something called Active Display. This means the handset will be able to show incoming notifications for items such as SMS messages or emails without having to light up the full display. With that in mind, a new app called Active Notifications has recently entered the Play Store and it will bring similar features to other handsets.

Google Glass production could shift to Motorola

Motorola recently unveiled their first smartphone that was created under Google. That handset was the Moto X and while we have yet to see what the public reaction will be once the handset comes available, it is looking like Motorola may have the opportunity to help Google produce some other hardware. The details are coming by way of a recent report in The Wall Street Journal and are pointing towards Motorola helping produce Google Glass.

Moto X wallpapers and system dump available now [Download]

Just over 24 hours ago Motorola and Google announced their all new smartphone, the Moto X. For many it was an exciting unveil and quite the handset, although we know many of you aren't fond of the price. However, you might be fond of the system dump with all those new goodies under the hood, not to mention the Moto X wallpapers.

Motorola Connect and Migrate apps arrive ahead of Moto X unveil

We know that today will be the day Motorola officially unveils the Moto X smartphone. We are expecting plenty of details about the handset itself, but it appears as if Motorola also had some other plans in mind. These others seems to have arrived a bit ahead of the handset announcement and have landed in the Chrome Web Store and the Google Play Store as the Motorola Connect and Motorola Migrate apps.

Motorola continues the Moto X smartphone teasing

Motorola seems to have been doing a fine job of keeping people talking about the Moto X smartphone. The official launch event is scheduled for tomorrow, August 1st, and it looks like they are going to continue the teasing right up until that kicks off. We have seen more than a few Moto X related teasers coming from the Motorola Twitter account and today appears to be no different.
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