Moto X officially arrives with US Cellular

US Cellular began accepting pre-orders for the Moto X back in early-August. Those pre-orders went live without anything solid in terms of a shipping date, however that good news has arrived today. US Cellular has announced the Moto X pre-order period has come to an end. The handset is available online as of today and will arrive in retail stores this coming Friday.

Motorola DVX details revealed in FCC filing

Recent Moto X rumors were suggesting that a budget edition was in the works. This topic came to light when a few colorful case backs were discovered. Talk was about how these were going to be used for a lower priced version of the Moto X, perhaps one aimed towards developing markets. At the time we noted some distinct differences between those case backs and the Moto X and thanks to an FCC filing -- it looks like those backs could be for the Motorola DVX.

Moto X coming to other carriers “in days”

AT&T launched the Moto X today and a bit earlier this morning we saw the MotoMaker customization site go live. While that all sounds good for AT&T customers -- it likely leaves those with other carriers wondering when the handset will be available. We still need some carrier announcements for specifics, however there is a bit of good news coming from Punit Soni, VP, Product Management at Motorola Mobility.

AT&T Moto X customizations go live with MotoMaker

AT&T launched the Moto X today and while the handset is available in black and white -- we suspect many were waiting for the ability to do a bit of customizing. Well, in a bit of good news/bad news, the MotoMaker customization site has launched. That of course is the good, the bad is that while you can design your handset you cannot actually place the order immediately.

Moto X tipped to arrive on all carriers August 23rd

When Motorola and Google announced the new Moto X smartphone last week, many were sad to hear that it wasn't going to become available right away. Between all the rumors and over-hype, when Motorola confirmed it would arrive around "late August" the news was a bit depressing. Today though we have better news as tips are claiming it will hit ALL major US carriers on the 23rd.
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