Moto X

OnePlus One to feature Moto X style voice wake up

OnePlus has been rolling out bits and pieces in regards to the One smartphone. We have yet to see an official image of the handset, however the specs are adding up. We've recently heard a bit about the display size, overall size and the battery. Now we are hearing about a feature many have come to love on the Moto X -- voice wake up.

Motorola updates their Assist app and Active Notifications feature

Motorola is updating a few things today, with both the Assist app and their Active Display seeing tweaks. Both are features we use pretty regularly on our Moto devices, with Active Display being one of the most unique twists we’ve seen in a long time. Updating both brings needed tweaks, but nothing much in the way of “new” features.

Motorola says smartwatch, new Moto X coming later this year

Remember Motorola’s smartwatch? It was big, bulky, and didn’t do much — like some we see lately. Though clunky, it had merit, and the resurgent Motorola has left some wondering when or if we’d see an updated version. According to Motorola, we will — this year. Maybe alongside the new Moto X.

US Cellular Moto X Android 4.4.2 update underway

T-Mobile Moto X users began seeing the Android 4.4.2 update last week, and now it looks like the update is underway with a second carrier. The lucky group are US Cellular users, who will be seeing a similar update. US Cellular users will want to be on the lookout for an update notification, but in the meantime, what follows is what can be expected in terms of the update.