Moto G

Verizon Moto G landing prepaid early next year

The Moto G was announced by Motorola earlier in the day. Motorola detailed the specs and price points during the event and even touched a bit on the availability. The Moto G will be available in select markets from today, however it is not expected to arrive in the US until January. Motorola didn't specify any carriers, however it looks like one has stepped up.

Moto G vs Moto X: price vs specs

Motorola officially announced the Moto G earlier this morning. While there wasn't much in the way of surprises given all the earlier leaks and rumors, the confirmation is welcomed. Perhaps more important though, Motorola is now offering two options to consider -- the Moto G and/or the Moto X. As usual, any purchase decision will come down to individual preferences, however we can break down the specs of each device.

Moto G gets official with 4.5″ 720p display and Snapdragon 400

Motorola has wrapped the Moto G event and the handset is now official. This is another instance where the details were pretty much known given all the leaks and rumors, however the official confirmation is more than welcomed. To begin with, Motorola is touting the Moto G as being an "exceptional phone" with an "exceptional price." To that point, the handset will be priced from $179.

Moto G specs leaked ahead of official launch

The Moto G, which was widely believed to be Motorola’s low-end offering to bolster the Moto X, has seen its share of leaks. This time, a German retailer and UK carrier have jumped the gun on releasing details. Less than 24 hours ahead of the official launch in Brazil, we find that the Moto G will probably be everything we’d hoped for.

Moto G benchmark results and possible pricing leak, could run Android 4.4

The Moto G is set for release this Wednesday in Brazil, but some interesting information has been finding its way out ahead of the launch. Motorola has set an announcement date, but we may have seen a clue as to when it will be widely available for order. There are also benchmark results that could tell us a lot more about how it performs, as well as some info about what version of Android it will be running on.

Moto G specs, pricing show a true mid-range contender

Rumors about the Moto G have been floating around for some time, but now it seems to be confirmed as as mid-range dynamo. Like any lower spec phone, it’s not going to wow the tech enthusiasts, but if a leaked advertisement is correct — and the device comes to the US — Motorola may have a tightly wound winner on their hand.

Motorola DVX tipped to arrive as the Moto G

A Motorola trademark filing was discovered earlier in the week. At the time there was little more than how Motorola had trademarked the name Moto G. As we often see on the web, when the details are light, the speculation goes into overdrive. In this case there was talk of everything from the Moto G being a Google Edition Moto X to the possibility of something headed towards Verizon Wireless.
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