Casio Commando G’zOne Phone coming to Verizon April 28th

The Casio Commando is a rugged smartphone that is coming to Verizon starting April 28th. They are touting it as something strong and durable like the Motorola Defy, only better, and with Android 2.2. This phone should be able to handle all the drops, spills and dirt that most of you outdoorsy type do. I would mention a time frame to possibly get Android 2.3 but Casio has no track record for us to speak on.

Motorola Defy Gets Durability tested on Video

Two weeks ago Motorola announced it’s upcoming ultra durable phone, the Defy. The device is advertised as “designed to handle everything that life throws your way” and is looking very durable, but how durable is it really? Well the fine folks over at Expansys decided to give it a few tests to see if it could handle what they threw it’s way, the result: it did.

Motorola Debuts DEFY, Coming to T-Mobile US

The previously rumored Europe only Moto Defy has just been announced to be coming to the United States on the season premiere of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” this morning. The device will ship with MOTOBLUR and is currently expected to be available exclusively to T-Mobile USA this coming holiday season.