MasterCard and Syniverse work on geolocation-based security check

Capitalizing on the growing number of smartphone users, especially those that travel abroad, MasterCard, working together with Syniverse, has announced a new security system that aims to keep travelers from losing their patience and their money. A new security system uses something that almost everyone has with them when traveling to another country: their smartphones.

Square Cash launched, introduces money transactions via email

Cash, at least in its physical form of paper and coins, is starting to take a backseat in a digital world were a lot of transactions, from purchases to money transfers, are all taking over the Internet. Square is taking this concept one step further by launching Square Cash which will allow users to send and receive money through one communication channel that almsot everybody already has: email.

Google Wallet integrates with Gmail for money attachments

At present there are plenty of methods one can choose when it comes to sending money to someone else. One of the services that likely comes to the mind of many is PayPal, however that list will soon be growing. Google has recently announced the ability to send money from Gmail.

Samsung and Intel invest in ‘Anticipation Engine’ start-up company

Some new details were revealed today about a small start-up company who's getting a lot of cash thrown their way from companies such as Google Ventures, Samsung, Intel and more. While the latter two are the latest to join the list of financial backers, Google's been a part of the start-up for some time. Who's ready for the fear mongers to come out and talk about eavesdropping? The company is called Expect Labs and we have more details below.

Verizon Outs Android-Compatible Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Reader

You know how when you go to those future stores where clerks have credit card scanners on their phones, you don't have to go to a sales desk because there IS NO SALES DESK? Imagine if you had the same sort of situation going on in your store - or better yet, imagine if you had your own mobile business going on and all you had to do to get some cash from someone was to swipe their card along the side of your Android device? That time has come, the hardware is here, and Verizon's got your back. What Verizon has revealed today is no less than the Intuit GoPayment App and Credit Card Reader, a hardware/software combination that'll allow your small business to go mobile instantly.

PayPal Offers NFC Money Transfer Exclusively to Android Users

The online payments company known as PayPal, in an epic and awesome move in the direction of all the green folk of the world, have today announced that they'd be offering a peer-to-peer NFC money transfer solution to Android users exclusively. This functionality will, as you may have guessed, be working with an App on the Nexus S first, and it's really quite simple - tap those phones together, get a "buzz", and you're done.

Preorder your EVO now at Best Buy

This morning Best Buy announced they would start preorder of the HTC EVO immediately. You can heads to your local store and place your order right now. This may be the best way to go, if you remember HTC phones have been selling like hot cakes and this phone will surely sell out the first day. Preordering will reserve your handset and guarantee that you will have when it launch, Who knows you might even get lucky and have it sent to you before it’s released.
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