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Beats Electronics drops details on Project Daisy music streaming service

Coming off previous reports of a music streaming service from Beats Electronics, we now have some official details. Specifically, the company has announced Project Daisy and while some of the finer points are still missing, we are getting a look at what we can expect. Details coming from Beats Electronics brings talk of a $60 million dollar investment and some of the names that will be backing the project.

HTC and Beats in talks to buy MOG Music

HTC went on something of a shopping spree in 2011, buying a majority share in Beats Audio and purchasing several smaller companies outright. According to reports from Reuters and other sources, the Taiwanese manufacturer has completed the purchase of the MOG Music service, either absorbing it into Beats Audio, using them as a proxy or simply buying it in partnership. In any case the deal isn't formalized yet, but reportedly all of the pieces are in place to make it so. IF true (and we see no reason to doubt its veracity) this would give HTC a two-pronged advantage over just about everybody Android manufacturer in the mobile music space.