Modaco roots HTC One S, surprises no one

Ready for yet another pre-release root story? Noted Android ROM developer and modder Paul "Modaco" O'Brien has rooted the upcoming HTC One S, less than a week after doing the same for the big daddy HTC One X. Of course the HTC One S isn't actually available in any market just yet, but Android fans can rest easy knowing that they can do so the minute they get the phone in their hot little hands. The superboot method favored by O'Brien is in full effect, but HTC will need to unlock the bootloader first. There shouldn't be any problem with that, considering their recent developer-friendly stance.

HTC One X gets root and superboot before release, courtesy of Modaco

The early life of an Android smartphone tends to go something like this: speculation, then rumor, then pre-production leak, then marketing leak, then date and price leak, official announcement, release, and finally (usually about five minutes after the first dev gets a hold of it) root. With highly anticipated phones like the HTC One X, this can happen even faster, and indeed that seems to be the case. Noted ROM developer and general modder Paul "Modaco" O'Brien has already released a superboot package for the HTC One X.

Modaco custom ROM fixes Facebook’s Ice Cream Sandwich issues

According to Nielsen, Android users spend more time in the Facebook app than just about anywhere else. So it's no wonder that early Galaxy Nexus users cried foul when Facebook's contact sync, among other things, wouldn't work in Ice Cream Sandwich. ROM wunderkind Paul "Modaco" O'Brien has updated his customized version of Ice Cream Sandwich to re-enable the missing feature, along with his already extensive list of tweaks to the basic ICS framework.

LG Optimus 2x (aka T-Mo G2x) gets clockwork recovery already

Well well, it looks like the amazing Paul O'Brien from ModaCo has been busy with the new dual core device from LG. He has already done plenty on this phone but recently he has announced and shown pictures for a few exciting things. One being that Paul himself said the phone is a developer dream device. It is not locked down, and messed up like phones have been lately from both Motorola, and HTC. It is open, and free just like it should be and as Android was intended.

MoDaCo Custom ROM for Samsung Nexus S

Remember before we even start talking here that this is a WORK IN PROGRESS and that the whole kitchen should be up shortly, so says the fellow doing all the hard work on this ROM, a guy named Paul. Also right away know that you've GOT TO wipe your entire device (ALL of it) before flashing this ROM. Paul notes that this is because of the resigning of key components with the AOSP platform key, for facilitating skinning, customizing, and etcetera. And since we're just going to end up going to the cut before any of the other details anyway, I must remind you that hacking, although seemingly encouraged by Android and Google, should be done with caution as it could wreck your whole device. Have fun below!

LG Optimus Is Now Rooted

There hasn’t been much coverage on this device since it’s not available here in the US. It may never make it over here but in Europe (mainly France) this is a very popular handset. It has been rooted by none other than Paul aka Modaco.

Dell Streak Has Been Rooted?

The answer is yes, it has been rooted. Paul, better known as Modaco, has done it again. Shortly after being released in the UK, he has managed to root the Streak in seemingly record time. This tablet was just released yesterday and it was rooted the same day. At least this time the product actually made into the market. He rooted a few handsets before they was even released to the public.
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