Ice Cream Sandwich gets dedicated search button mod

Google may be a search company first and foremost, but Ice Cream Sandwich shifts Android away from a dedicated search button and replaces it with the app switcher. Using virtual buttons has benefits for modders, however, and MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien has wasted no time in adding a dedicated search option in the ICS button bar. As you'd expect, tapping it brings up the search dialog, just as the dedicated search buttons on previous Android phones would do. Google hasn't exactly excised search from Android 4.0 altogether - in fact the homescreen now has a persistent search box across the top, that's carried over all five panes - but this dedicated key makes it a little easier. Sometimes it's the little tweaks that can make the most difference to daily use, and this could well be one of them. No word on when exactly Paul might release the mod at this stage, but he tells us it will be "very shortly."

Samsung Galaxy S II Backlight Notifications Mod

Anyone that has recently went from another manufacturer like HTC to a Samsung device quickly realized they didn't have a notification LED of any sort. While this may not be important to some, many that are use to the feature end up missing it. I know when I got my G2x I wished I had the notification like like the myTouch 4G, Nexus One, G1 and many others did. Today I have the Samsung BLN Mod for you all.

Themed MIUI Animated Clocks [Download]

I know you all love to mod and tweak your Android phones just like I do so when I saw this I figured you'd all enjoy it. What we have here is a huge collection of themed clocks. The highly popular MIUI animated clock is being used as it's neat and clean looking and really makes your phone look sharp. Just about every color you can imagine is listed in his thread so you can get exactly what you want and the modder 00McD00 is even taking requests.

Hack adds 1080p 24Mbit/s recording to Samsung Galaxy S II

The Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone has sold very well for the company with a over a million units sold in Korea alone since it launched. The smartphone is certainly popular and a new hack has surfaced that will make the SII record even better video that it is capable of from the factory. The hack comes by way of modder hyperX and adds some notable features to the mix. Those features include 24 Mbit/s 1080p 30fps recording with 44.1khz 192-bit audio.

Ben Heck creates kinetic motion charger for Android devices

If I hear the name Ben Heck, I always think of cool mods to game consoles to make them portable like the PS3 and other stuff Heck has made. The modder isn't all about making portable game consoles though. The latest episode of Heck's show on Element14 has outlined the making of a kinetic charger for an Android phone.

Mobile Phone Physical Modding Ups Game with Clear Case

And it's on an iPhone 4, snap! We need to step up with Android and crack down if we're gonna catch up with this fantastic modification. Closest thing I've seen to this on an Android phone as of late was someone scratching the black coating off of their speaker so that it'd be chrome instead. Wild.

Universal Battery Icon Mod Released for Android

XDA Members appelflap and impaler747 have put together a battery icon mod for release. The application's purpose is to create a single application that can easily handle battery icon changes for as many devices as possible.

Tron Legacy Theme Outlines Your Galaxy S [VIDEO]

So you've had your TRON themes in the past, yes, perhaps a moving background into circle or three, lovely things like that. How would you like to cover your entire Galaxy S in black and bright green lines? How would you like to to it using CyanogenMod? Let's take a look right here at this thang offered up by user Akatsukinew23, shall we?
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