Mobile World Congress

Two new LG phones show up in certification records

We know that LG has at least one new Android phone slated for release soon, namely the X3, likely to be shown off at Mobile World Congress later this month. That device and one more are probably the source of a pair of certification filings in the Universal Plug and Play database, a set of standards for wired and wireless networking. The phones in question are the "LG-P880" and the "LG-P700". The former is of the most interest to spec hounds, and it probably the model number for the X3.

New Samsung Mobile World Congress press photo is almost certainly fake

There's a rumored press photo for a shiny new Samsung smartphone making the rounds this morning. We caught a glimpse of it on Eldar Murtazin's Twitter page, where the poster claims that it's a leaked press photo for a new device set to launch at Mobile World Congress later this month in Barcelona. Based on the software displayed and the Ice Cream Sandwich-style buttons (which are still capacitive) it looks like Samsung's first ICS phone following the Galaxy Nexus. But something's rotten in Denmark, dear readers: to be blunt, this looks like an absolute fake.

Samsung: no Galaxy S III at MWC, separate event to come later

Well that about seals it. Amid rumors that the highly-anticipated refresh of the Galaxy S line would debut with dozens of competing phones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S III won't be showing up in the late February event. The current flagship, the Galaxy S II, got its public debut at the same event in 2011. Company representatives gave a canned response to inquiries from TechRadar, saying that the successor to the Galaxy S II will be a no-show, instead getting its own event sometime in the first half of the year.

Lumigon T1 render revealed as manufacturer counts down to Mobile World Congress

The Lumigon T1 has been a long time coming. First unveiled way back in 2010, the little device hasn't seen the light of day in over a year... but that may change very soon. Lumigon revealed a new render via the company's Facebook page, and a countdown has appeared on their webpage. Counting down to what? Mobile World Congress, of course - the clock hits zero smack dab in the middle of the trade show in Barcelona.

Samsung GT-9300 and GT-9800 appear online – Galaxy S III and something new

Rumors continue  to run wild about the Galaxy S III. The phone is inevitable - Samsung's made no bones about the update in a general sense - but a few tight leaks and speculation is almost all we have for hard information so far. The latest trickle of information is a listing spotted on Samsung's Global Download Center: an entry for the product model number "GT-I9300" is seen chilling next to the other models in the support site. For refference, the GT-I9000 is the oriignal Galaxy S, while the Galaxy S II covers the 9100-9200 families.

HTC Sense 4.0 details emerge before Mobile World Congress

Like it or not, custom manufacturer skins are here to stay. That said some are better than others, and HTC's Sense UI has emerged as one of the more mature and usable options, even garnering its fair share of fans. HTC is expected to reveal the fourth version of Sense with new hardware at Mobile World Congress next month, but PocketNow allegedly got a look at the changes before prime time. They came away impressed, and noted some radical - and in many cases welcome - changes.

Huawei set to introduce “Diamond” line of phones at MWC

As crazy as CES gets every year, it doesn't hold a candle to Mobile World Congress, at least as far as the cell pone/tablet side of the tech industry is concerned. Huawei is an upwardly mobile OEM, and intends to prove it at MWC in Barcelona. reports that the manufacturer plans to unveil a new series of two phones under the "Diamond" heading. The new phones will reach Europe by the spring and North America by the summer, confirmed by Huawei chairman Richard Yu.

LG X3 brings Prada style and a Tegra 3 processor

Quad-core phones are going to be all the rage in the next few months, and it looks like LG has no intention of letting HTC have all the fun. PocketNow got a look at the so-called LG X3, a Tegra 3-powered superphone that's likely to be the manufacturer's successor to the Optimus LTE. The phone's style brings to mind the clean lines of the LG Prada phone 3.0, and that's a very good thing. To round out impressive looks and drool-worthy specs, it's rumored to be running Ice Cream Sandwich.

HTC Edge rumored for a Mobile World Congress unveil on 2-26

HTC's got something big for Barcelona - they better had, considering their relatively shallow showing at CES. Mobile World Congress beckons, and as various news outlets (including this humble publication right here) receive their invitations for press events, rumors are spreading that HTC will reveal the quad-core Edge in is pre-MWC press conference on February 26th. Also on the docket is the HTC Ville, a slim 8mm slate phone that uses a dual-core 1.5Ghz processor.

Samsung’s Galaxy S III may show up at Mobile World Congress in February

Now that the Galaxy Nexus is well and truly released in most markets, it's time to start looking towards the next pie in the sky superdevice to make Android fans drool. For many that device is the often-rumored and rarely seen Samsung Galaxy S III, the inevitable follow-up to some of the most widespread Android devices out there. According to ETNews, the manufacturer will be bringing its A game to Mobile World Congress in February, leading with the first Galaxy S III models.
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