Mobile World Congress

LG’s 2013 MWC ‘Save the Date’ invite teases with the number 4

LG apparently has something exciting in the works for Mobile world Congress. Or maybe more accurately, judging from the level of teasing, we hope they have something exciting because if not, there could be some backlash. In the past few days we have seen an image teaser and a video teaser. The image appeared first and came with the promise of a "new series" of mobile phones with an “unexpected distinction.”

Google reportedly ditching the large scale booth for MWC 2013

Rumor has it that Google will not be offering the same booth experience at Mobile World Congress this year. In fact, it is being reported that Google France has confirmed the lack of a booth during the show. Needless to say, we are not all that convinced Google will be offering anything less as compared to what they had last year.

Google Pod booth tour live from Mobile World Congress 2012

It's hard to overstate how cool Google's digs at Mobile World Congress were. Just like last year they went big and provided a ton of entertainment for all comers, making an unmistakable impression that Android rules in Barcelona. The "Google Pod" played host to dancing Androids, Ice Cream Sandwiches, a moving parade of the latest Android phones and a whole lot more. Of course, not everybody can hop a cross-continental flight just to play around (well, we can, but that's kind of our jobs) so we thought we'd share the experience with you.

Samsung’s Galaxy S II wins GSMA Phone of the Year at MWC

Even the staunchest of Android detractors would be hard-pressed to call the Galaxy S II anything less than a great phone - certainly not us, since Android Community named it the best Android device of 2011. 20 million people can't be wrong, and the GSMA (the organization that puts on Mobile World Congress in Barcelona every year) would seem to agree. They've named the Galaxy S II as the Phone of the Year in their annual competition, with Samsung itself taking Manufacturer of the Year.

ZTE Era joins the quad-core race with Tegra 3

Quad-core smartphones certainly seem to be the recurring theme at Mobile World Congress this year. ZTE, usually known as a more conservative, budget OEM, just revealed their first quad-core device running Nvidia's new 4-Plus-1 Tegra 3 processor. The Era is ZTE's new flagship, though as far as hard specs are concerned it runs a little behind the pack with a 4.3-inch 960x540 display - if you care about those things, of course. It should be quite the looker, though: a 7.8mm-thin profile puts it squarely in RAZR territory.

HTC One X full specs leaked with dual-shutter camera

The HTC One X, formerly the Edge/Endeavor, has been one of the most exposed "secret projects" in recent memory. With all the renders, specs, names, and photos leaked, we though there's be nothing left to know by the time HTC unveils it tomorrow in Barcelona. Not so: FullGSM got their hands on what appears to be the full product sheep. Aside from what appear to be press shots, there's nothing really new - except for a "dual shutter" camera, the purpose of which is to take full 8MP stills while recording video at the same time.

HTC teases us from Barcelona, claim they’ve unboxed something amazing

The biggest mobile event of the year is about to take place in Barcelona, Spain. We've been talking about it all week so it shouldn't be a surprise. Remember that Android Community will be there live to capture everything from HTC, and everyone else. HTC has started getting prepared for the big event on Sunday and are already teasing us with a few pictures and comments to keep us interested.

What to expect from Mobile World Congress 2012

In case you've been living under a rock for the last three months, the biggest mobile-themed trade show of the season starts next week in Barcelona, Spain. Mobile World Congress brings together manufacturers, partners and media from all over the world to sample the latest and hopefully greatest in phone and tablet hardware. It's at least as big a deal as CES for those of us who focus on the mobile side of the tech world, so Android Community will be there live to cover it all. But before we leave on a jet plane, we're counting down all the things you should be expecting at the show. Here's a preview of MWC:

Google plans Android booth at Mobile World Congress 2012

It's that time of year again: the wind blows cold, cheeks grow rosy, and couples grow close to conserve warmth... and share their love of brand new phones and tablets. Mobile World Congress 2012 is just nine days and (for yours truly at least) several thousand miles away. Google doesn't intend to let its hardware partners have all the fun: once again it'll be in attendance with a massive Android-themed booth for the Barcelona conference. The company will likely use the space to show off the latest and greatest in hardware, a few Ice Cream Sandwich features, and probably some new devices as well, once they're announced at their various press conferences.
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