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AT&T outs rugged Sonim smartphone

Sonim Technologies may not be a known brand in the mobile industry (at least, not yet) but it's determined to bring its XP6 LTE Android phone in the US. The handset which is said to be ultra-rugged will be released by AT&T in the country.

Cellphone users get a dedicated sidewalk lane in China

If Copenhagen is world famous for its bike lanes and biking culture, a city in China will soon be as famous for its lane designated especially for those who are glued to their phones while walking. Chongqing City knows that there are people who wouldn’t want to miss a second off their phone screens so a special sidewalk in Foreigner Street was created for them. How crazy is that.

Purple Samsung Galaxy S III may be heading our way

The Samsung Galaxy S III may soon be receiving a new color option, and not the color people have been asking for. This news comes from EVLeaks, who has been a great and reliable source for leaks in the past. The color will be called "Royal Purple" and it should be making its way to the United States come mid-April. But not only is it a strange color, the release comes just a couple of weeks before the Samsung Galaxy S IV rolls out to the market.

LG Optimus 3D, Are You ready for 3D in the Mobile Space?

Mobile World Congress is quickly approaching and we're expecting a lot of devices from all companies. However, one device that's gaining the most traction online is the LG Optimus 3D. We all know that LG is planning to enter the mobile 3D space and it seems the Optimus 3D will be their flagship device - but is the world ready for mobile 3D?

Sharp planning glasses-free 3D phones for US, India & China in 2011

Sharp has put its 3.8-inch parallax-barrier glasses-free 3D display - as previewed at IFA 2010 - into a trio of Android smartphones, and as well as the Japanese launch kicking off next month, the company also intends to bring the technology to the US, India and China in 2011. In December, the Sharp GALAPAGOS 003SH and GALAPAGOS 005SH will each arrive on Japanese carrier Softbank, as well as the Sharp LYNX SH-03C on NTT DoCoMo. Each will support multitouch and 3D visuals; it's unclear whether Sharp will launch the same devices in the overseas markets, or put the parallax-barrier display into different phones. [via 3D-Display-Info]

Radio Shack Joins T-Mobile in The All Phones Free Promotion

If you haven’t heard yet, all phones will be free at T-Mobile this Saturday for their Father’s Day sale. Most T-Mobile locations are expected to open up at 8a.m. in anticipation for the rush. Radio Shack is now joining in on the fun as well, offering every T-Mobile phone in their stores free. But, Radio Shack has sweetened the pot a bit with their offering.

eyeSight Brings Natural User Interface to Android Devices

Most sophisticated mobile phones these days use some form of gesture based communications. This technology has been growing over the past few years. It takes the way we communicate with our phones to a whole new level. The people at eyeSight Mobile Technologies look to take this to a whole new level.

Twenty Motorola Android phones worldwide this year [Updated]

Motorola intends to launch a total of twenty Android-based devices in 2010, the company's director of marketing for their mobile devices business has revealed, though not all of those handsets will necessarily hit every region.  Tom Satchwell, who heads up the company's marketing for all mobile devices, confirmed their ambitious plans at the Motorola XT720 launch today, as well as explaining how momentous a change was involved in shifting Motorola's loyalties to Android. In fact, that change has perhaps proved too swift for the carriers to keep up.  Like the Motorola MILESTONE - the European version of the DROID - the XT720 will initially launch via distributors as an unlocked handset, rather than through the carriers.  Motorola wouldn't - or couldn't - tell us when carrier availability might happen.  The risk they run is that consumers simply won't hear about the new devices, since they're not on show in the usual highstreet stores. Still, we're not going to argue with more choice in Android, and Motorola are certainly pushing the boat out when it comes to form factors and software builds.  Unlike HTC, who told us they don't intend to launch a non-Sense Android device (at least not with their own branding), Motorola are still planning to release handsets with and without MOTOBLUR.  They're also experimenting with the high-end features some users are now looking for, such as Xenon flashes with high-megapixel cameras.  Satchwell unsurprisingly wouldn't reveal what's next on the Motorola roadmap, but halfway through the year and there's still plenty to see. Update: Motorola have been in touch to clarify Satchwell's comments.  It turns out that, rather than 20 new phones being released in 2010 alone, he meant there will be, by the end of the year, a total of 20 different Motorola Android devices since the company's first models in 2009. [via SlashGear]

Toshiba AC100-114 Android 2.1 netbook

Sorry for the picture below but it’s the best we have at the moment. For most, this is a welcome change from all the tablet and slate talk. Toshiba has an Android netbook in the works and it is powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra chipset. This is a 10-inch netbook that was originally going to ship with Windows 7 now it’s going to be preload with Android.

Samsung Galaxy S, Has The Best Multi-Touch Screen Ever?

Multi-touch is a deciding factor for a lot of people when considering their next mobile phone. Android has not been known to be the best in this area. Most notable, the nexus One, has been perceived as having a subpar multi-touch display. Until know we’ve always heard that you have to choose between having a beautiful display or a very accurate multi-touch display. Samsung has brought them both together in the Galaxy S.
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